Friday, June 19, 2009


When you finish digging oil in desert, don't close your rig...dig in a new place....

old desert, it's what I am saying!
I mean to say when Indrajals are over, there are other sources...ofcourse, gold is gold,
but silver also has a precious metal value!

I am posting a new series of Phantom comics published by Wolf Comics.

actually, the Phantom in India was the golden era for Phantom too, as it started from 1964

and continued till 1989, a span of 25 years!! more than 350 stories! and , the publication of wolf comics was only for 1 year!! hats off to Times of India and crazy readers like us all!

This has been scanned by anonymous, my source is Sudhanshu, ICC.
thanks to him and the anonymous!

about the story of wolf comics Phantom, read this :

These stories are good, but you need good readers in millions like in India, to make it a hit! :))

what do you feel? please comment on this after reading the comic. I will also post all the 8 issues published from this publication, one by one.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hey folks, as I said, I will be back with a surprise, I GOT AN INDRAJAL TO POST !!!

The Guilty Meddler ( not PM), he was never guilty, but surely a meddler....but anyways, he is history now....:))
Getting back to the post : This is a nice story, only the characters are not as crisply sketched like the regular Mandrakes....reminding us of the wilsom McCoy Phantom. We needed a character like the guilty meddler at lords to win the T20....( read the story and you will know how )
This is actually THE DISTURBER, reprint of IJC #75 published in 1968, and the original is Mandrake Daily #124

I have scanned these dearly, as the comic i have is in a very delicate condition. I am surprised that my last post, even though after a long gap has harldly any response....dunno why!

And one more announcement : I AM GOING TO PRINT FLASH GORDON STRIPS.. covering 10 years of strips...around 1400-1500 pages....any takers?
let me know, anyways i will make one set for myself!
so enjoy the IJC....
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phantom Marvel


I am back after a looong gap again....
digging for some, not gold and diamonds, but comics!!
With the Indrajals a rare sight now, almost extinct species,
have to keep up with some thing new! ( got one for you ......!!!! )
Yes, these were the Dinosaurs, the giants of our childhood! today, like the archeologists, I and all comic lovers "dig" and "excavate" old bookstores, libraries, friends, relatives, and be deligted on unearthing any small, torn pages of the Phantom, Mandrake, Flash and Bahadur era....
so enjoy folks, there are a lot of mysteries still to be discovered and I promise you, we will share this wealth always with you!

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