Monday, March 24, 2008

IJC # 120 The Killers & Congratulations, Winners!!!

Indrajal Comics # 120: The Killers: A beautiful story about how the Phantom cares about old people: A real thinker for today's generation! After reading this comic, I think, If we cannot become a phantom, atleast we can be kind enough to our parents & not to send them to old homes!! I also have the marathi version in printed form, so i will also upload it tomm....Enjoy!

Download Here: This is an Ajay Mishra Scan, so kudos to him for providing us with such a nice story!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Indrajal # 103 The Villan's Paradise

Download The Villan's Paradise (English):

Download The Villan's Paradise (Marathi):

Download The Diamond Queen (English):

Friday, March 14, 2008

Indrajal # 48 The Phantom & the Magic Mountain

Dear Friends, this is just to say sorry to all of you!

I feel you all visit to get something interesting, some indrajal comic or a small chat! whatever has happened here in past few hours is a real disgusting thing for any Indrajal lover and blogger!

I respect the gentle intervention of our friend Dr. Ravi Gokhale, and from my end, I anounce a complete cease-fire! Dr Ravi has seen actual war in Iraq and knows the consequences, bus as is said, words are more piercing than an arrow, this should stop and we will continue the peaceful work we have been carrying out and also which is our main motive: spread the love for Indrajals and make people happy!

Also regarding the scans and the credit : since I am unaware of who has done the painstaking job, I have always mentioned that since Sudhanshu was generous enough to give me a DVD of scans, he is the original source as far as I am concerned, so naturally I thank him! I have also posted some comics which are my own scans & Clicks. Anyway, whomsoever has scanned, I thank that anonymous from my heart, but also one should be happy that his painstaking work is being made public due to somebody's efforts, without any expectation! If anyone knows who is the person who scanned all the comics I have posted so far, he can tell me his name, I will be obliged to praise him, but if I am unaware who has done it, what can i mention? anyway, let us resume to our main objective and enjoy life, as it is more important than any thing else.....

Posting this as a friendly gesture, unknowning who has scanned this.....

A very interesting story of our hero! I specially thank TPH for publishing the updated list of posted IJCs till feb end. It is the most difficult task of collecting data, compiling it an dpublishing it so that we all do not repeat! Hats off!!

Download comic:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am really overwhelmed by your love! I know it looked bad, but it was not intentional to hurt your feeling, as clarified by Sudhanshu! I am making up all that and yesterday's commitment by posting three heroes :
Phantom, Mandrake & Flash !
Whatever has happened, one thing has happened surely, many anonymous
have become "known friends", so surely the whole thing was not at all a waste, i am sure you will agree with me!
I also strongly believe, demanding, expecting money and honour is always wrong from any activity you do for your own happiness, but expecting love and friendship from our own friends is not a sin. what do you say, folks?

Btw, I have referred the pdf of published Indrajals before posting, but since it is old data, i am not sure if any of these are repeated.... Thanks & happy downloading!

Can you tell me which one of these was the best? pl. rate them as 1-2-3.

Download Mandrake:

Download Phantom:

Download Flash:

Saturday, March 8, 2008

No quitting of the blog!!!

Dear Friends, I am extremely sorry for the post... actually, before posting, I had called up Chandoba and told him that I am going to post this and I am just joking! but honestly, my real intention was to just to get a real opinion about what people think about this blog and me... and I am feeling so relived that so many love this blog and talking about getting fed up, Never in this world will I get fed up by Indrajals....arre yaar, it is my oxygen!
I hope I am not sounding like I tried a publicity stunt! but one thing is sure, some anonymous visitors really felt that they should have been commenting! The real thing of expecting a comment is not that how many are praising you or leaving a " receipt" of a download but it joins one heart to another and that is what one expects! We are all posting for our own satisfaction, no expectation from it! so more the visitors comment, our friendship grows. is it wrong to expect more and more friends?
Well, to compensate for the mental trouble I gave to all of you, I will be posting a very nice surprise on monday, and I promise that I will not post anything like this in future, Indrajal Ki kasam! keep the love and keep comming!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Quitting the blog!

Dear friends, I think ity has been a sweet journey, although very small..... but since very less people are interested and hardly any comments, i feel i should call it curtains from today....

ICC & CW are lucky to have so many visitors and commentors! bye.....


Monday, March 3, 2008

Indrajal # 350 & 351: Revenge of the Ghost Part II & III

A long gap, friends. Slould have posted all parts at a time, so you would not have to wait.... but really got tied up in some personal things.
Actually, i took up an assignment of designing a stall for PUNE EXPO 2008, a grand exibition ending today where i worked for four nights without sleep for many hours....and subsequently got two more assignments there itself, so i was totally away from this treasure! but i am making it up by some more posts in next couple of days...enjoy!

Download part II:

Download Part III: