Friday, December 18, 2009



but there are 803.....a long time to go :))

also, you guys cant wait for it!
well, this time the cover took a lot of time!
also, the inner pages have been added with some saturation.
btw, i just saw the download of the Phantom and mandrake calanders,
there have been 42 downloads in 2 days! but no one said they liked it!
No, i am not asking any appreciation, as i have done it for fun.

I am also planning a 6 page calander of the family members of phantom,
mandrake and bahadur.

please send me some ideas..... meanwhile, enjoy the 3rd IJC.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The sequel continues, friends!

This is Indrajal #2 and I have edited the scans and added some "saturation"
to the images. Also I have tried to remove any dull marks, dabs of oil on the images
and crop, rotate them with some added :pixel resolution".

after you download and read it, let me know your feedbacks / suggestions about the
enhancement of image quality.

Gone are the days when the blogs were busy with comments, visitors like Chandan, Old Man mozz ( he still is a regular :), Phuktya, Col. Worobu, Chatur Cheeta, Sagnik, and all my friends.

I hope some day the hustle-bustle will resume.....just like we all revived the lost Indrajals....

Actually I am appearing for my PG exams, M.E. Printing which is a heavy load of
mathematical subjects, but i thought i would post a comic here to relieve of some pressure...

I will be free by 23rd them i will post more regularly, till then, enjoy!



Friday, December 11, 2009


Dear Friends,


Today is a sad day indeed, for our beloved artist, the fatherly figure of our first ever Indian Hero BAHADUR, GOVIND BRAMHANIA is no more with us........this is one post i will never foget as this is a great loss to our Indrajal community....the feeling is same when we heard the news of Lee Falk just a decade ago, in 1999....
2009, we have lost another great artist....I pray to god, may his soul rest in peace mainly for the reason that made our childhoods and even today, feel strong by putting a truly Indian hero and filled our lives with a lot of happiness....I will read a Bahadur comic today, which will be the best rememberance and homage to our beloved artist.

He not only made Bahadur popular amongst us, but was also the designer of the Indrajal Logo and several covers of Indrajals right from #1 issue.
words are short as the feelings are deep, cant write any more........
Govind Bramania
(02-03-1938 - 09-12-2009)


Monday, December 7, 2009


Dear friends and visitors, just came accross a page in a indrajal comic where there was a offer from TOI about a phantom calendar to those who were subscribers....

it came to my mind about creating a similar one and a small effort to make this calendar.

this is a screenshot of the actual design :

This is a high resolution file of not more than 1.2 mb.

download the PDF file and print on any printer and put it on your table, frame, wall...and relive the childhood!

This is in A4, but can be stretched to A3 also!

if you like this, i am planning to make a Mandrake and Bahadur too!

also, a 12 page calendar of each character and many more versions!!


download here:

no passwords :))

just one request : if you really like the effort, let me know your comment about it, I will really appreciate!

Saturday, December 5, 2009



After a long, long gap, I am starting my previous planned and already announced project of uploading all the indrajals here in a complete sequence.

I am so happy to start with the #1 Issues, the Phantom's Belt and this is a complete file with all the miscelleneous pages, thanks to my dear friend, Sudhanshu, the boss of IJC collections!

He had uploaded only the supplement pages as a seperate post and i have compiled it to make the issue complete.

all the issues of Indrajals have been posted on several blogs, but my objective of posting all of them here is to make a "one stop shop" for all Indrajal as well as Phantom collections.

I will also be posting in Hindi and Marathi as well, dependng on the availability of the language issues, so i request all visitors to please contribute if they have any hindi and marathi versions, especially starting with the #1 Issue.

hope you all enjoy this and I will be thanking always those who have contributed to this noble cause of preserving the lost treasures of our childhood.


email me for password

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Dear All Visitors,

Wish you a Very Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year!!

For all those who are Outside India,

Diwali means festival of lights....we light up our house, places with oil lamps, Lanterns,
prepare a lot of sweets and tasty traditional food, wear new clothes and exchange greetings,make merry and ofcourse, burst a real huge quantity of crackers!

One more reason for me to celebrate, I completed 50,000 Hits!!

Yipee! Yahoo!! Hurray!!!

and all this because of you all!

Thanks and keep visiting!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


As I said, I will start posting Marathi and Hindi Indrajals now, mostly Marathi as I have a lot of them! and I will follow a cronological order and not random.

The first in this series is:
Indrajal #47, Vetalbale chi Sahase ( English title : Adventures of the girl phantom )
also the KING comics version #20

I like the marathi translations, most of them are humurous as the english words are translated as-is. If any one does not understand the language, I can send email link of the english versions.

One more clarification: I am adding passwords to the files on purpose, no, not because of some one stealing the links, but i discovered that visitors interact with me, allowing me to have a little conversation! so people, dont mind the password!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Dear Friends, Visitors, contributors and Fellow Bloggers,

Thanks to you all, TIMES OF INDIA has recognized our efforts and the love for Indrajal comics and I was interviewed by Mahfreed Irani, Senior Correspondent and Copy writer, Times of India! of course, thanks to TCP, he suggested my blog to Times and being the small fish, i still got the glam!

I am so happy today that i cant believe the effort and love for comics, my childhood passion has been finally taken notice of. The roaming around for comics from raddiwalas, old book sellers, friends, has definitely some has been proved now and this all became possible because of you all visiting here and making the Skull cave so popular.

please read it and post your views / comments on it. I dedicate this to your support.
I will start posting Marathi Indrajals from Tommorrow...this Times article has boosted my energy and will to post a 1000 folds!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


PHANTOM is a word which can never be away from our world!

have been too busy in my academic activities hence could not find time to post anything, but made up my mind to do something as the september is going away and i did not post anything for all you guys visiting here regularly with a hope to find some thing new! but today i am not disappointing you as i am back with another Phantom, the real mavel in our comic passion!
do comment on this post, as it will keep me motivated on future postings!
I will try to make a great post before Diwali celebrations and will be upcoming with a series of Marathi Indrajals from 2nd of October.
so hold your breath, all Marathi lovers, I am going to make Maharashtra happy!

email me for the password.
Download ( password protected) :

Thursday, August 27, 2009


so email me.......!

As I said, I will be back and i have to coverup the backlog, so posting two Phantom comics with great stories!
I will post all indrajals here and of course in all 3 languages, English, Hindi, Marathi so a one-stop-shop for indrajal lovers, but it is one big project again and need help from you all!

till then, enjoy these "GEMS"......

for passwords, email me :

download here :
1) Uranium valley:
2) Hoodoo of Pirate Ship:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Friends, It is not that I have nothing to post....was thinking of making the blog interesting and a good place for all of you.

I am thinking of posting all Hindi and Marathi versions of the Indrajals here. the only problem in Marathi is, a lot of initial #s are not available....can anyone help?

You can scan and email me, i will do the rest. especially, #1!

Also, suggest me if posting of all 803 comics here can be a good Idea.

Will post a couple of interesting Phantom posts tomm. here. ( non indrajals)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Indrajal V0.26_32_ Flash Gordon

After a jubiliant Phantom post, happily or sadly, but the last Phantom post of Indrajal comics....

One more gap filler sent by our fellow contributor, VENKIT!

Flash Gordon, Volume 26 _32 :The Deadly Intrigue

This comic must be "scanned" by our sensor board as dale & Matara, Zarkov's wife is "popping out" in all the frames :)) ( maybe, like a one-time bollywood heroine, who may not get another chance....:) )

And I dont know how this was passed, but its a "bigg kids" comic!

read and see!!

Download and email for password :

Thursday, July 2, 2009


My dear Comic fans, Phantom fans, crazy guys from the world over, what would be your reaction, if our idol, the legendary LEE FALK would have interacted with you and to add icing to the cake, send you an autograph ?!?
Yes, this is true, and it is a proud Indian to own it!!
I am thankful to this blog world, I got the opportunity to befriend so many people across India
and the many are holding responsible positions in their fields....
Recently I came across another fan of Phantom and Mandrake via my blog and in the first chat
I came to know he is not just a fan but a person far beyond it!
Mr. V.V. Ramanan, Senior Journalist on Sports Desk, The Hindu
He is a well known quizmaster at The Hindu, where he works on the Sports Desk as a senior journalist. ( I am proud to be part of the print media, being a printing engineer! )

And now, the main objective of writing about him :
A few days back while chatting, he mentioned that he had an autograph of LEE FALK and he also said he will send it to me scanned to post in my blog!

I requested him to also send me a short writeup about how he interacted with the great legend which i am also posting her in his own words, along with the autographed panel which i think, he is the only Indian who proudly owns it!
Here is Ramanan in his own words as to how he got the autograph of 'The Master':
Being a fan of The Phantom and Mandrake, apart from other comic book characters, since childhood, I decided to write to the creator Lee Falk and request him for a personalised autographed panel with one of his creations.
Those were pre-Internet days (very restricted) and I manged to get his address from visiting the U.S. Consulate Library. I wrote a letter full of admiration (as any die-hard of fan would do) and made my request. Since he was doing me a favour, I enclosed a self-addressed envelope.
And lo and behold, 'The Master' responded within a month with the panel that you see in this blog and a letter that thanked me for being a big fan. Even though that letter has gone missing (how careless of me!), I have preserved this panel..and will do so till can't die like our costumed heroes :)
I also have signed panel/photos from other wonderful creators like Hank 'Dennis the Menace' Ketcham, Mort 'Beetle Bailey' Walker and Charles 'Peanuts' Schulz. I also have assorted other autographs including all the Indian Nobel Laureates, the Presidents of our great nation, Neil Armstrong, Hillary and Tenzing, etc..
I want to get the autograph of the creator of Bahadur..Can somebody help me out with his contact details..Thanks a million in advance :)
And before I conclude, I want to say to a BIG BIG THANK YOU to fans like Sameer, Prabhat, Venkit, Ajay, Anupam and others (whose names I can't recall) for doing such a wonderful job of scanning and distributing the timeless Indrajal creations for us to go on a nostalgic trip and the younger generation to enjoy..May their tribe increase.
As mentioned in an earlier mail, I am attaching a scan of the panel that Lee Falk autographed for me some 14 years back. It would be niceif you could post it on your blog so that fellow Phantom lovers can enjoy it. Thanks.

and to add to the joy of all phantom lovers, i am posting yet another Phantom Indrajal missing number.....I call this a post of the biggest post ever, since it contains a unique AUTOGRAPH of Lee Falk!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Phantom & Mandrake

I am back after a small gap....I am aware many of you regularly visit here as frequently as we read a daily newspaper...but news is getting scarce....but will try to be more frequent from this month now.

I got a list from the net and a few scanned a Mandrake...volume 24_02...and posting a wolf Phantom #2 to continue the series of 8 wolf comics....

I am also putting up a new offer here as suggested by our friend and fellow contributor Ajay Misra : Those who are interested in having printed Phantom Dailies and Sundays can order me by giving 25% amount and the rest before despatch, so it will make things easier for all.

Those who want only selected nos., can have them as well as if someone wants to take only 15-20 nos per month or so, can have problem.

and for the posts, here you are:

for password ( both have same ) email me.

download Indrajal comic :
download Wolf comic:

Friday, June 19, 2009


When you finish digging oil in desert, don't close your rig...dig in a new place....

old desert, it's what I am saying!
I mean to say when Indrajals are over, there are other sources...ofcourse, gold is gold,
but silver also has a precious metal value!

I am posting a new series of Phantom comics published by Wolf Comics.

actually, the Phantom in India was the golden era for Phantom too, as it started from 1964

and continued till 1989, a span of 25 years!! more than 350 stories! and , the publication of wolf comics was only for 1 year!! hats off to Times of India and crazy readers like us all!

This has been scanned by anonymous, my source is Sudhanshu, ICC.
thanks to him and the anonymous!

about the story of wolf comics Phantom, read this :

These stories are good, but you need good readers in millions like in India, to make it a hit! :))

what do you feel? please comment on this after reading the comic. I will also post all the 8 issues published from this publication, one by one.

download password protected file:
Note: many of the visitors just plainly ask for passwords....i will be happy if you say hello in your emails asking for password....a friendly request.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Hey folks, as I said, I will be back with a surprise, I GOT AN INDRAJAL TO POST !!!

The Guilty Meddler ( not PM), he was never guilty, but surely a meddler....but anyways, he is history now....:))
Getting back to the post : This is a nice story, only the characters are not as crisply sketched like the regular Mandrakes....reminding us of the wilsom McCoy Phantom. We needed a character like the guilty meddler at lords to win the T20....( read the story and you will know how )
This is actually THE DISTURBER, reprint of IJC #75 published in 1968, and the original is Mandrake Daily #124

I have scanned these dearly, as the comic i have is in a very delicate condition. I am surprised that my last post, even though after a long gap has harldly any response....dunno why!

And one more announcement : I AM GOING TO PRINT FLASH GORDON STRIPS.. covering 10 years of strips...around 1400-1500 pages....any takers?
let me know, anyways i will make one set for myself!
so enjoy the IJC....
Download password protected :
and email me for password:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phantom Marvel


I am back after a looong gap again....
digging for some, not gold and diamonds, but comics!!
With the Indrajals a rare sight now, almost extinct species,
have to keep up with some thing new! ( got one for you ......!!!! )
Yes, these were the Dinosaurs, the giants of our childhood! today, like the archeologists, I and all comic lovers "dig" and "excavate" old bookstores, libraries, friends, relatives, and be deligted on unearthing any small, torn pages of the Phantom, Mandrake, Flash and Bahadur era....
so enjoy folks, there are a lot of mysteries still to be discovered and I promise you, we will share this wealth always with you!

email me for password:
The secret cave of kings ( Indrajal) :
The Phantom ( Marvel0

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Indrajal #175 The Flying Snakes & Harvey Phantom

Dear Friends, I am aware many have been visiting and getting disappointed for not finding any updates here....the fact is, since almost all the Indrajals have been uploaded, the gaps are going to be bigger...but don't worry, I will keep this blog blooming.

I am thinking of reposting all Indrajals from #1 to the last one in lots of 5-10 each, after all the Indrajals are posted, so all can have access to all Indrajals in a go. I will discuss this with a few friends and then start.
My friend, Water Kingdom has been asking for a comic several times, so this post is for him!
I would also like to remind you all about the Phantom dailies and me for details.

email me at for passwords.
download: The Flying Snakes here:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Fire is still burning

Atleast for a few days more, the IJC magic is going to continue!
a friend and follower of our blogs, WATER KINGDOM ( this is the name he prefers)
just updated me that there are many which have not been posted. Maybe, these are already posted, we are not sure..but all visitors do not visit all blogs , so i think some may be happy to download these!
My new face on the profile has given nightmars to some..few are intrigued by i though to make someting out of it...since we are running out of real comics...i tried to make a original comic strip...NO ONE IN THE WORLD CAN GIVE ME A NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT for this one :))
please comment on it......

Water Kingdom has taken track of all blogs since last 2 years ( what consistency!!) and he has sent me a list of around 31 IJC...also, only less than 300 IJC are posted in we can go on :))
The scans have been from ICC, but mostly scanned by Ajay Mishra...but thanks to both of them!
So enjoy these.....

Download ( password protected) email:

Friday, May 8, 2009

What to do now....

Dear Friends,
I want you all to to discuss here what to do now as there is no way ahead due to several issues:

1) Most of the IJCs been uploaded, nothing more to do about it
2) 1st April being the black day in all bloggers life, belief has become a rare word
3) notices to all IJC bloggers regarding copyright.....

Is this the end of good days? the discussions, the fights, the treasure trove of all Phantom, Mandrake, Flash & Bahadur comics....all the blogs will be dead after a few a planet
in the universe....people who used to long for the scans we made and ther one will be interacting now....ofcouse, there are millions of pages other than IJC or Diamond comics..but we will surely miss the craze of Indrajal....
I have an option, posting Marathi IJC..but that would not serve for all around the world.

But to keep the fire burning....Posting a Non-IJC for the first time....A HARVEY PHANTOM
Curse of the Sunken Treasure : Phantom
Password protected file. email me at for password

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thank You & Bahadur Triple Treat

Thank You!

Just updating this post....I thought, just a dry thanks would be so scorching in the heat at my place, Pune. it is now starting to burn at 40.2 degrees ! visitors from Europe and USA, come once and feel it ..:)) so to cool it off, presenting once again a gift to all of us from our dear contributor, VENKIT...BAHADUR is back in a bang...:


Sorry pm, i know you are starving for last 5 days...tsk tsk! but cant help u get fatter !!
these are already password protected by VENKIT, so thanks to him. all have a common password, so no problem getting 3 passwords.
download :
NOTE: email me for password :

Friday, April 10, 2009

Indrajal Volume 23_02 : The Hypnotic Gem : Mandrake

35000+ hits reached!

Thanks to you all, once and 35,000 times!!

The story of bloggers goes this way: first, The Invisible Thief...second, The Maddening Mystery....and now, the third : The hypnotic Gem.

Got the connection? first the links were stolen by a invisible thief..then, after putting up a password, the link was again stolen and ther password was made public...actually, the password was not intended for the public but the thief. Now, the Hypnotic Gem, a repeat version of the most wanted IJC #146 is a story how the Cobra is trapped by his own hypnotic gem!

Really speaking, I am now starting to enjoy this...till a few days back we all bloggers were just scanning and posting without any motivation. Visitors were downloading and commenting, without any special comments or special numbers. All of a sudden, April 1 made the blogworld very exiting for all...because of one person, all bloggers and visitors came under one roof..I thank that pm....he initiated us all, motivated us all to come together. One Hitler made the world, pm cannot be compared with Hitler..but finally, he had to commit suicide... so the fate of pm is sealed.

I am a fully positive approach person..I see diamonds in coal...lotus in positively thinking, I got more than ther number of visitors i had been having!

So friends, thanks to you all for supporting the bloggers union....also once again personal thanks from me for reaching that fabulous mark of 35,000+ hits!


again, this one is a password protected upload and I am sure, even if the password is stolen and posted on the other website, "he" will need real guts to type and display the password there.
Dear pm, if you get the password by asking me via email using a fake identity, you will think twice before posting it...:))))))

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Indrajal Vol. 24_07 : Mandrake :The Madenning Mystery

After a Marathi Post yesterday, I am posting a Mandrake Comic after a long gap.
The Comic Volume 24 _07 is a repeat of the comic "THE WONDER CHILD " IJC # 164, published on 15-08-1972
When the Phantom has such a fabulous collection of Treasures, he does not lock his skull cave..leaves it open. I am blogging by the same name, so i will not lock my treasures. only thing is, I have encrypted the zipped scan file. so interested friends, contact me on my email id : for the password.
I am sorry PM, you will have to post : " no comics posted today" again.....:o))))
visitors, you can download the mediafire link, a good hi-resolution one. unless you guys drive away the thieves from our land, this is a problem you have to, i am not doing the encryption for emails and comments.... have posted enough till now without any clauses.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


With English and Hindi Indrajals dominating the comic universe, I am posting another MARATHI.. yes, I am proud to be a Maharashtrian, A Marathi, A Punekar!!

for those who come in from outside India and Maharashtra : Maharashtra is my state, the name means :- Maha : Great + Rashtra : nation meaning, the great nation , state! and my city is Pune, also pronounced by some as Poona.....a very important city of India, well known for two things : Education and Hotels. and Punekar means a resident of Pune...
Now i am not sure if our new PM will steal a marathi comics...he can never read let us hope this remains a blog property :))))
I am sure, some regular visitors like Phuktya, Sandeep Kate, Sandeep Gogate, Dr. Marathe, and a lot of my marathi friends in India and abroadwill be quite pleased with this post.

So enjoy....

Download Mediafire :

Friday, April 3, 2009


My dear friends, visitors, downloaders and commentors:
After what happened in the past two days and discussions with the Elephants of Comic Bloggers, especially Indrajal Community like ICC, MTM, Books & Comics, and all other pillars of the community.....I recalled a proverb, which says that Elephants stride in their own way, neglecting the barking dogs.....I have decided to go on with posting, whether some one is stealing it or not...This posting decision, which i have taken, is only for those sinciere and regular visitors who knowingly or unknowingly are the suppoters of our blogs. Based on the emails i received in past few 48 hours, I feel that just because of one person, I SHOULD NOT TAKE AWAY THE HAPPINESS OF THE 100-200 VISITORS who visit my blog regulary.
I am sorry for deleting the mediafire links, but here are those links from rapidshare....high resolution original links from VENKIT....not only that, I am adding 2 more Bahadur comics...
So Friends, I am blogging right away as if nothing had happened!

I understood what ICC rightfully said....don't advertise someone when he wants it free... So, Enjoy the posts and you will always be my visitors....
A 5 star restaurant does not close down, if a hawker outside the Restaurant is selling Bhajji and wadapav....the customer of a 5 star hotel is a VIP.....a customer of the hawker is a person "only wearing a VIP" :0)
( sometimes i feel, i should have been a poet or a script writer :))) )
and I am sure, I have all VIPs as my vistors..infact, all visitors to my blog areVVIp for me and will remain, always!!
Download :

Thursday, April 2, 2009



I will stop posting from today. If someone is going to take credits for what we are taking pains for, I have the only option of stopping my posts. I was surprised to see the posts directly stolen not only from me, but from Books and Comics ( Prabhat), Mandrake the Magician ( Balaji) and I dont know how many else...I or Venkit, Ajay take efforts to scan, use our web space to upload the comics....many times I have to edit the scans...Earlier,we all were worried of people just downloading silently and not commenting...I feel it was ok....but now, silently our effort is being taken for cant just copy some one's posts and links and start "blogging".


No, I cant take this....ICC felt it is ok.....I dont feel it that way.

I HAVE ONLY ONE OPTION : I will post the title pages here...those who want it downloaded, can contact me via email. I will provide the links...but if not, Today i am stopping any posts.




so visitors, sorry, if u want the comics, email me...i will send you the posts via email.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Friends, I will takes some pictures of my ijc collection and post it here, like Chandoba...but only thing stopping me is, I dont have that #1 which ICC always posts in either as a full comic, covers, or sometimes the inner pages...just to tease us mean of you, chandoba..showing a chocolate to others and eating it... (abe bacche ki jaan legaa tu..?)

but i have faith in god almighty, some day,, my blog WILL post the news of having my own "IJC #1 "the phantom's belt"....Ummeed pe duniya kayam hei dosto...kahin ummeed hi kaym na rahe jaye....but i an sure i will get it!

Meanwhile, Our friend VENKIT is back with a Bahadur duoand he has also promised two more Bahadur IJC in coming days.

Continuing the Bahadur legacy:

Volume 22_4 : The Big Three of Kanakpur & Volume 22_16: The Slave Runners

VENKIT sent me Rapidshare files. I feel some people still have a problem downloading it there
and above all, the file size was double than what is now. Keeing the same image quality, I have resized the images. ( hope VENKIT wont mind) for everybody's ease. hope you guys aapreciate this.
Download Mediafire :
The Big Three of Kanakpur :
The Slave Runners:

Monday, March 30, 2009

INDRAJAL PHANTOM : The Reign of Justice Part I, II, III

With the Elections comming on head, ....
(no, no, I am not starting political blogging like TCP :0) ),
I hope, there will be a"reign of Justice" as always has been with our great democractic people.
I scanned all of these for couple of hours, then cropped, and before posting, I saw to my aghast, I had no cover for part called up ICC...Chandoba...arre yaar, i mean Sudhanshu!
and he sent me the cover happily.... so enjoy the Phantom story. also,

I have uploaded the ORIGINAL Daily ( D148 - The Return of Gooroo's Mob 9-14-81 to 1-16-82) with it, so you can all see the editing, Times people used to do before fitting it in given pages....Enjoy!


Download mediafire links:

The reign of Justice III:

D148 - The Return of Gooroo's Mob:

Friday, March 27, 2009



Actually, those who are not aware, today is "CHAITRA PRATIPADA",
( first day of Chaitra month)
the new year of Hindu calendar....
A Maharashtrian Festival.

We eat the leaves of Neem tree and they are quite bitter in taste....but they have a lot of medicinal value. The main objective of eating bitter leaves on the first day of a new year is : LET THE START BE BITTER, BUT LET THE ENTIRE YEAR BE SWEET!
So to make everyone feel sweet, again i am posting this BAHADUR special:

updating the post: THIS HAS BEEN SCANNED BY ME.
VENKIT has sent me these three scans: all from Volume 21 : vol 21.41, 44, 50
see him fight the terror we all want to fight....

VOLUME 24-17 :Mediafire link: