Friday, December 18, 2009



but there are 803.....a long time to go :))

also, you guys cant wait for it!
well, this time the cover took a lot of time!
also, the inner pages have been added with some saturation.
btw, i just saw the download of the Phantom and mandrake calanders,
there have been 42 downloads in 2 days! but no one said they liked it!
No, i am not asking any appreciation, as i have done it for fun.

I am also planning a 6 page calander of the family members of phantom,
mandrake and bahadur.

please send me some ideas..... meanwhile, enjoy the 3rd IJC.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The sequel continues, friends!

This is Indrajal #2 and I have edited the scans and added some "saturation"
to the images. Also I have tried to remove any dull marks, dabs of oil on the images
and crop, rotate them with some added :pixel resolution".

after you download and read it, let me know your feedbacks / suggestions about the
enhancement of image quality.

Gone are the days when the blogs were busy with comments, visitors like Chandan, Old Man mozz ( he still is a regular :), Phuktya, Col. Worobu, Chatur Cheeta, Sagnik, and all my friends.

I hope some day the hustle-bustle will resume.....just like we all revived the lost Indrajals....

Actually I am appearing for my PG exams, M.E. Printing which is a heavy load of
mathematical subjects, but i thought i would post a comic here to relieve of some pressure...

I will be free by 23rd them i will post more regularly, till then, enjoy!



Friday, December 11, 2009


Dear Friends,


Today is a sad day indeed, for our beloved artist, the fatherly figure of our first ever Indian Hero BAHADUR, GOVIND BRAMHANIA is no more with us........this is one post i will never foget as this is a great loss to our Indrajal community....the feeling is same when we heard the news of Lee Falk just a decade ago, in 1999....
2009, we have lost another great artist....I pray to god, may his soul rest in peace mainly for the reason that made our childhoods and even today, feel strong by putting a truly Indian hero and filled our lives with a lot of happiness....I will read a Bahadur comic today, which will be the best rememberance and homage to our beloved artist.

He not only made Bahadur popular amongst us, but was also the designer of the Indrajal Logo and several covers of Indrajals right from #1 issue.
words are short as the feelings are deep, cant write any more........
Govind Bramania
(02-03-1938 - 09-12-2009)


Monday, December 7, 2009


Dear friends and visitors, just came accross a page in a indrajal comic where there was a offer from TOI about a phantom calendar to those who were subscribers....

it came to my mind about creating a similar one and a small effort to make this calendar.

this is a screenshot of the actual design :

This is a high resolution file of not more than 1.2 mb.

download the PDF file and print on any printer and put it on your table, frame, wall...and relive the childhood!

This is in A4, but can be stretched to A3 also!

if you like this, i am planning to make a Mandrake and Bahadur too!

also, a 12 page calendar of each character and many more versions!!


download here:

no passwords :))

just one request : if you really like the effort, let me know your comment about it, I will really appreciate!

Saturday, December 5, 2009



After a long, long gap, I am starting my previous planned and already announced project of uploading all the indrajals here in a complete sequence.

I am so happy to start with the #1 Issues, the Phantom's Belt and this is a complete file with all the miscelleneous pages, thanks to my dear friend, Sudhanshu, the boss of IJC collections!

He had uploaded only the supplement pages as a seperate post and i have compiled it to make the issue complete.

all the issues of Indrajals have been posted on several blogs, but my objective of posting all of them here is to make a "one stop shop" for all Indrajal as well as Phantom collections.

I will also be posting in Hindi and Marathi as well, dependng on the availability of the language issues, so i request all visitors to please contribute if they have any hindi and marathi versions, especially starting with the #1 Issue.

hope you all enjoy this and I will be thanking always those who have contributed to this noble cause of preserving the lost treasures of our childhood.


email me for password