Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Indrajal Vol. 22_06 & Vol. 21_06

Oh my god, VENKIT is running twice the speed!
He has scanned two comics for all of us...
Friends & visitors, those who visit and download comics posted not only here but at Books & Comics, Comic World, etc, please take a note of the efforts people take to scan, upload...i know this has been repeated many times, but not for me or my blog, please take a few moments to appreciate the contributions of enthusiastics like VENKIT, AJAY and all others who are knowingly -unknowingly contributing to the entire blog world...We should ask ourselves, if I had a blog and nobody commenting, I would have closed it friends,.....anyway,
ENJOY the contributions!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

IJC # 249 Many Centuries Ahead: Flash Gordon

Trying to keep the pace with Prabhat, only because of VENKIT...actually, his name is VENKITACHALAM SUBRAMANIAN..but i like it the way TCP has named him, VENKIT WALKER..actually, it should be Runner, since he is running everyday for sending me these gems, scanning them and uploading them for all of us..we should thank his unselfish hardwork!
This is a real rare gem, scanned for the first time....


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Indrajal # 26-33 The Mystery of the Black Box

I visited a flower exhibition today at my place, Pune. There i saw a lot of flower varities, but the orchids were astonishing! I could not resisit to post this photo here..I hope i am a good photographer....

I cannot keep pace with the speed which Prabhat posts...but i can try to make it, atleast today!
Ofcourse, this is only because of our dear contributor VENKIT...again a nice scan and link....

This is a nice story of the Phantom and Little people..he hels them from being finished by a volcano...I was only wondering, was the black box invented ny Humans or aliens ?:-)) anyway, I love to live in the fantasy world and be one of those "little people" who read Indrajal comics...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Phantom's Verdict I,II,III


Actually, I have two valentines.....
first is my Wife and the second......Indrajal Comics!!

Our dear friend and contributor VENKIT has sent a triple bonanza of Phantom:

The Ghost's Verdict part 1,2,3. He has scanned all pages, so kudos to him!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Indrajal #215 The Curse of the Godess

Friends, sorry for being away for more than a week...

I was busy in my Institution's mega activity " VERSATALIA 09", which happens to be a platform for all students from various fields to show their extra talents. I was handling the Printing part of Certificates, Calendars and Momentos for the prizes! Here is a link to the website, lust have alook to what our studentd do,it is really fantastic! " :
After getting free from it, here I am, back!
Getting strongly in the Dailies and Sundays too!!
To start with, I just received a link from our dear friend and contributor, VENKIT.

This is a "miscellaneous" comic by Indrajal, but it is very important to complete the link of 805 nos! I have read it, and is a real nice story..infact, I have it in Marathi with the title " Devicha Shaap"