Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Indrajal #175 The Flying Snakes & Harvey Phantom

Dear Friends, I am aware many have been visiting and getting disappointed for not finding any updates here....the fact is, since almost all the Indrajals have been uploaded, the gaps are going to be bigger...but don't worry, I will keep this blog blooming.

I am thinking of reposting all Indrajals from #1 to the last one in lots of 5-10 each, after all the Indrajals are posted, so all can have access to all Indrajals in a go. I will discuss this with a few friends and then start.
My friend, Water Kingdom has been asking for a comic several times, so this post is for him!
I would also like to remind you all about the Phantom dailies and me for details.

email me at for passwords.
download: The Flying Snakes here:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Fire is still burning

Atleast for a few days more, the IJC magic is going to continue!
a friend and follower of our blogs, WATER KINGDOM ( this is the name he prefers)
just updated me that there are many which have not been posted. Maybe, these are already posted, we are not sure..but all visitors do not visit all blogs , so i think some may be happy to download these!
My new face on the profile has given nightmars to some..few are intrigued by i though to make someting out of it...since we are running out of real comics...i tried to make a original comic strip...NO ONE IN THE WORLD CAN GIVE ME A NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT for this one :))
please comment on it......

Water Kingdom has taken track of all blogs since last 2 years ( what consistency!!) and he has sent me a list of around 31 IJC...also, only less than 300 IJC are posted in we can go on :))
The scans have been from ICC, but mostly scanned by Ajay Mishra...but thanks to both of them!
So enjoy these.....

Download ( password protected) email:

Friday, May 8, 2009

What to do now....

Dear Friends,
I want you all to to discuss here what to do now as there is no way ahead due to several issues:

1) Most of the IJCs been uploaded, nothing more to do about it
2) 1st April being the black day in all bloggers life, belief has become a rare word
3) notices to all IJC bloggers regarding copyright.....

Is this the end of good days? the discussions, the fights, the treasure trove of all Phantom, Mandrake, Flash & Bahadur comics....all the blogs will be dead after a few a planet
in the universe....people who used to long for the scans we made and ther one will be interacting now....ofcouse, there are millions of pages other than IJC or Diamond comics..but we will surely miss the craze of Indrajal....
I have an option, posting Marathi IJC..but that would not serve for all around the world.

But to keep the fire burning....Posting a Non-IJC for the first time....A HARVEY PHANTOM
Curse of the Sunken Treasure : Phantom
Password protected file. email me at for password