Monday, February 25, 2008

Indrajal # 349 The revenge of the Ghost

Visitors : 5000+ !!!!

I thank all the visitors wholeheartedly !

For the first time, i am posting a three part comic. This is another "down the memory lane" Phantom, as this one was the first phantom comic i had received after i started my subscription, The The Dragnet being the start ...
hence this one is dearest to my heart and i want to share it with all of you!
I will post the remaining parts tomm. and day after...

Download and pl. leave a comment if you feel this is a worthwhile effort......:

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indrajal Comic # 247 Sultana the Indian Robinhood

Dear Friends,
Extremely sorry for the long Gap. Actuall i was so busy in my college activities, and we were successful in publishing our annual magazine in a record 8 days!

I am posting this rare comic, owned by me in physical copy form and the scans are my originals! Cover has been sent by Chandoba.
An interesting story about this comic: In the course of searching indrajals, i got this at a raddiwala along with other IJCs. It was without cover, but the artwork was written by GOVING BRAMHANIA, so i kept it with me. after a few days, i literally dumped it in a basket, thinking it as a general comic, but as luck would have it, i saw the covers posted by Chandoba and i was shocked to learn that it was an IJC! I hastily restored it and even Chandoba does not have it! So enjoy this rare gem. The story is quite interesting.

Monday, February 11, 2008

IJC: Vol. 26_06 The Sting of Viper Part II

Dear Friends,

Presenting the second and concluding part of the Phantom comic.
Sorry for the delay, i was busy in some college work.
We are printing our annual magazine and since i am Incharge, its a tough job...
Getting 150 pages designed and printed in less than 12 days!

Enjoy the treasure.....!

Download Link :

Thursday, February 7, 2008

IJC: Vol. 26_05 The Sting of Viper Part I

For the First time, i am posting a two-part comic :
A Phantom delite: STING OF VIPER Part I

Also, I am posting all Cadbury Gems ads, as I found them very interesting and wished it in my childhood to eat so many of them as well as make these designs, but as the saying is: you can either have the cake or eat it", i ate them all!! Col. Worobu, this post is especially for u. Hope you Enjoy it!

cadbury gems ads: ( Collected from IJC # 109 to Vol 21_35 )

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tintin Comic fans exibits in Pune

All comic lovers, please read the Times of India ( Pune edition) of 5th February 2008. The fans all aroud India have arranged an exibition of paintings and sketches of TINTIN characters and the exibition will be till 9th in Pune. Can we all Indrajal fans do something like this? If not on a large scale, atleast all visitors of the Indrajal Blogs can send me scanned copies of their sketches and paintings, and i will post them here! pl. let me know if u feel this is a good idea! afterall, we have so many heroes!! ICC, MTM, CW, TPH, and all Indrajal bloggers, we all should show aour skills and love towards our Comics, by doing something similar!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Indrajal # 353 Phantom: Mystery of the sunken treasure

A Phantom treasure from my Cave of Treasures!

I would like to say a few things here about the happenings in past few days... I received an email of another indrajal fan, Mr. Sandeep Gogate from sahakarnagar, Pune on 1s of Feb 2008. I called him on his cell and he turned out to be a bigger fan than me! The most astonishing thing is here:His father, almost the age of 65-67, was even a bigger fan of Indrajals!!! He talked with me about all the characters and especially the head of family, The Phantom, for hours! He showed me the diffrent aspects like: The Phantom never Kills, He is very modest, he always drinks milk... and all the stories of his short but great life.... man, i was shocked, I was thinking, the madness of indrajal is limited to age 25-45, but i admitted, i have to add these (25+45 =70) !! He had preserved all comics in his locker, safer than money & ornaments! He gave me around 43 Indrajals, which i was lacking, just by seeing that i had a huge collection and those were my missing links! He did not ask any exchange, but i gave him some of mine. This Hindi version is his gratitude and my clicks! The english version is by Ajay Mishra, given to me by Chandoba! friends, this is only one small coin from our lost treasures! How many such treasure holders are there in the world, god knows! hope to find all of them, some day! This comic i dedicate to the dedication of SANDEEP GOGATE!
In almost a month when i started posting, i have around 2800+ visitors, and 1000+ Woldwide visitors! I would like to make an appeal to all: Guys, you are most welcome to visit and download everyting here! but if u can leave a message or ur email contact, I can send u more stuff! 700+ downloads have been recorded! so please keep coming and it would be sweet if you can leave your mark here. I would really appreciate it!

Download English Version:

Friday, February 1, 2008


For a change, i am posting Volume 21 Covers.

Clicking the images is now a left-handed job for me! 3 covers are missing, as i have the comics but not the covers! i will post them as soon as i get.
I am so jealous of the response to ACK ! but i feel it is a rightfully deserved one, as all partners of the blog are superstars! so film to hit honi hi hai!
Three cheers for all three : ICC, TPh & CW! ( cover 1 & cover 4 is from ICC, as my covers are slightly torn)

Enjoy the covers!