Thursday, September 4, 2008


I HAVE SOME VISITORS from POLAND on this blog.... I will be in Poland from 7th October to 12th October 2008, at WARSAW for a international conference on printing.... can you send me your email ids ?

Well, it is such a nice feeling of being back to my passion....really, i could not even read comics in past few months!

Sorry for all those who regularly visited and were disappointed, but still, they came again and again, so i am grateful to all of them....

But now everything has returned to normal. I am missing my friend Sudhanshu and I don't know why he stopped abruptly! also he posted a typical chandoba ishtyle message, but since then he is also cool... but hats off to Zaheer (CW), he has been scoring centuries even when the other team members were scoring ducks!

Also i will post some of my Germany trip pictures....

I am not aware if this has already been posted, I have a updated list which shows this is not posted....

Download link:


Krishna said...

nice to see you back Sameer. great comic but pages are not in sequence.

Unknown said...

I am an avid Indrajal reader and have collected many. I have got hindi versions of the following. Would really appreciate if someone can post the english versions of these or email me at

Teen Khooni Darinde - Bahadur
Caligula Ka Shadyantra - Flash
Chalta Phirta Pret - Phantom
Khooni Giddh - Phantom
Manav Bhakshi Jalpari - Phantom
Rakshak Vetal - Phantom
Registaan mein Narsanghaar - Phantom
Safedposh Lootere - Phantom
Sunahere Phool Ka Rahasya- Phantom
Vetaal Parampara- Phantom

adibud34 said...

Thanks a lot for this comic, Sameer. I'll download it now!

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

I will try to correct that, Krishna.

Welcome abhijit, I will post these for you, but also go throught the email I have sent you....

Adibud, welcome again!

Comic World said...

Welcome back Sameer.Yes,job and family duties are always above than hobbies,hence can understand your absence.

Übermann said...

welcome back friend... looks promising... downloading... weekend treat !!!

thanks for sharing

danke schön

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

THanks guys, it is a warm welcomw for me!

Ubermann, are you German?

I want to discuss a few things with you!

Ravi said...

Gr8 Phantom storey, guess have seen it b4 ?TPH, not sure. Page sequence may not be right. Can u swap around?
Hope u post some marathi Phantoms..

Unknown said...

Sameer, nice to see you back.

Colonel Worobu said...

The golden voyage of Sinbad (Sameer) is over finally :) Welcome back Sameer!

Abhijit: Some of these Indrajals have already been posted in English in CW & Prabhat's blogs. Check out Prabhat's e-snips site to fill any gaps in your collection.

Mozz said...

Welcome back... missed you and your comics a lot. Please keep posting your good stuff....

Take care..


Übermann said...

No Siree, I am not German.. I am Indian who knows Deutsche.

ich kann auf Deutsche sprechen, schreiben, lesen, verstehen :)

Day after tomorrow, I am going after dollar dream ;) to US. let me know my friend, if I can help you.

Übermann screen name was inspired from Nietsche's (German Philosopher) doctrine of Übermann.