Saturday, January 31, 2009


Looks like all bloggers have gone into one is posting!
Meanwhile, I have some rare Indrajals scanned by our good old friends Ajay Mishra and Venkit.
and after the dailies, how about SUNDAY STRIPS? if anyone feels like I have stopped Dailies, no, I am still printing them as a second lot.

Meanwhile, enjoy these Phantom Jewels : All Thanks to Ajay Mishra & Venkit

The Indrajal #129 : The Phantom & The Sacred Idol is by Venkit
The Indrajal #225: The Little Princes is by Ajay Mishra
The Indrajal# 252: Monster of the Cave is by Ajay Mishra


Colonel Worobu said...

I am first (finally!).

Thanks to Ajay & VenKit Walker for the scans! Thank you Sameer for posting these!

Colonel Worobu said...

Ajay : Special thanks to you for scanning all 32 pages. It feels as if I have the actual comic book in my hands :o)


Indrajal Comics Treasures said...
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Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Col, I know you are always happy when you see a comic with ads and all the pages...sometimes i feel like you love the ads more than the comic :-))

Colonel Worobu said...

I just like the completeness :o)

Ravi said...

Great stories. Wonderfull scans. Many thanks Sameer.
Do you have 'Denkaliche Rajyapal'. Can u post it?

adibud34 said...

Thanks so much Sameer..... I broke my elbow due to this rotten ice three days back :( and reading some new comics is the only entertainment I have now! Thanks so much!

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Col., I know u always are happy with the patrol doing a clean job ))

Ravi saheb, can u let me know the english refrence title? nice to see u after a long time!

Aditya, did u try judo-karate and ice-breaking? 0) Get well soon to hold a comic in hand!

Krishna said...

I certainly do visit your site. But every few days I find that the link and the image on Prabhat's site disappear to reappear later. Dunno why. The Sacred Idol is a great comic along with the little princess. Whats next?

adibud34 said...

Ha Ha! I wish it were something that glamorous; I just slipped and fell! Unfortunately, I have to go in for surgery this Friday to repair my elbow - they'll put pins inside me! Dumb luck! It'll take another 9 weeks of wearing a cast after that! :(

Unknown said...

Hi!Loved your Blog ! Was wandering around "ACKnowledge" when I got your link. Congratulations on a very competent, well-executed, but hearfelt job.I've downloaded everything! It might be helpful for you to go through the few torrents going around currently- Phantom, Mandrake, Indrajal comics, and Indrajal proper (names of torrents). There are many overlaps.It might be good, if you avoided the repeats- I know it takes a lot of effort to scan even one comic, and it'll be wasted effort for you.
When I got my broadband 5 years ago,the first thing i searched for was Indrajals and ACKs, only to be disappointed.You've brought childhood back to life now !Wishing you the best, hope u make plenty of friends
My email id is
Feel free to communicate.


Krishna said...

Your site link does not show on Prabhat's -- pl see

Rafiq Raja said...

Ooh wow... the Dailies still in print... I will contact you through mail then :)


Sridhar said...

Sameer Sir :-) Sorry for the long hiatus.. Glad to see so many lovely comix from you, and so frequently !! Very much appreciated..


Anonymous said...

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