Friday, December 11, 2009


Dear Friends,


Today is a sad day indeed, for our beloved artist, the fatherly figure of our first ever Indian Hero BAHADUR, GOVIND BRAMHANIA is no more with us........this is one post i will never foget as this is a great loss to our Indrajal community....the feeling is same when we heard the news of Lee Falk just a decade ago, in 1999....
2009, we have lost another great artist....I pray to god, may his soul rest in peace mainly for the reason that made our childhoods and even today, feel strong by putting a truly Indian hero and filled our lives with a lot of happiness....I will read a Bahadur comic today, which will be the best rememberance and homage to our beloved artist.

He not only made Bahadur popular amongst us, but was also the designer of the Indrajal Logo and several covers of Indrajals right from #1 issue.
words are short as the feelings are deep, cant write any more........
Govind Bramania
(02-03-1938 - 09-12-2009)



Rafiq Raja said...

Very sad news indeed. Brahmaniya Sahab will live in our memories, whenever we browse through a Bahadur comic, or when we witness the early IJC covers.

Hope that someone in his family would have taken over few of his skills, to continue his legacy.

May his soul, rest in peace.

Unknown said...

Indeed a loss, Dev tyanchya atmyala shanti devo.

Anonymous said...


This is an irreparable loss not only to IJC lovers but to all who appreciate and respect art.

He will remain my Hero as far as the cover art of any comic is concerned.

We should not forget that he came at a time when comics were not very popular in India.

My condolence on this loss.

May his soul rest in peace amongst gods.


Anonymous said...

An irreparable loss for all of us.

He was the person who had given us so much and that too in the era when comics were not so popular in India.

He will remain my Hero and the primary reason to get attracted towards IJC (it's fantastic cover).

My condolences to his family.


Anonymous said...

This is a very sad news.
He will always remain my Hero.
Early IJCs covers were the main reason for me to get attracted towards Phantom Comics.
My heartiest condolences.


HojO said...

very sad news indeed!! ALL Indrajal lovers of all periods(1964-1990) were fortunate nuff to witness HIS art-work in some it Indrajal's covers OR one of Ijc-hero,Bahadur's spelndid art-work!! :-)

Rafiq said:
Hope that someone in his family would have taken over few of his skills, to continue his legacy.

I donno how many have noticed but bahadur's last 2 years art-work(1988-1990) were done by PROMOD BRAHAMANIA and not late GOVIND BRAHAMANIA and once I heard he's a close relative of him but no confirm idea!!
And another thing to notice,even though artist was changed in 1988,the basic art-pattern of Bahadur was hardly affected...anybody who've read Bahadur's last stories can understand this! :-)