Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Phantom's Verdict I,II,III


Actually, I have two valentines.....
first is my Wife and the second......Indrajal Comics!!

Our dear friend and contributor VENKIT has sent a triple bonanza of Phantom:

The Ghost's Verdict part 1,2,3. He has scanned all pages, so kudos to him!!


PBC said...

Thanks for these comics. How many valentines I have? I afraid to count, but can say #1 is now my wife. The Phantom & Indrajal Comics are second & so on… :)

PBC said...

It’s very interesting to note that the popularity of Valentine BABA is falling in Catholic countries, but it’s in creasing in secular India, Protestant Russia & other non Catholic countries. :)

pattu said...

"Valentine's day is a holiday invetented by Greeting Card companies"
- From the movie "The eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"

Thanks to you and Venkit for posting the Ghosts Verdict.

Sameer, Tnanks again for the dailies. Me and my wife finished them yesterday. Its wonderful to read them in sequence.

Its like watching a directors cut extended edition DVD!

best wishes,

PBC said...

Thanks Venit! Forget to say Thanks in earlier comments. Venkit pls don't mind, I always try to say thanks to contributors first. Today Valentine BABA attracted my attention towards himself. :)

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Actually, I just learned today that valentine was no saint, he used to write letters to women in France and have illegal relationships..he was boycotted by th entire community...later, The American greeting card companies made him "saint" just to sell their cards...We have great people like Baba Amte, who devoted his entire life to lepers...we should do some good thing on his birthday each year ans celebrate it as Saint Baba Amte's day and not some one's day whom nobody actually knows.

By the way, Pattu, do you require another set of dailes? since you and your wife "finished" it..:-)))