Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Indrajal Vol. 22_06 & Vol. 21_06

Oh my god, VENKIT is running twice the speed!
He has scanned two comics for all of us...
Friends & visitors, those who visit and download comics posted not only here but at Books & Comics, Comic World, etc, please take a note of the efforts people take to scan, upload...i know this has been repeated many times, but not for me or my blog, please take a few moments to appreciate the contributions of enthusiastics like VENKIT, AJAY and all others who are knowingly -unknowingly contributing to the entire blog world...We should ask ourselves, if I had a blog and nobody commenting, I would have closed it friends,.....anyway,
ENJOY the contributions!!


Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Hmmm. Looks like I am the first today also.

We really need to hand it to Ajay Misra(is he the same as Misraji, who I see as a contributor in some of the IJC blogs?). The man has a lot of comics and he is willing to share it with us selflessly.

This is not to belittle any of the others that also contribute to the various IJC blogs.

Ajay and I are working together to ensure that we will reach the 805 figure as early as possible without duplication.

All the best

bharat said...

Dear Venkitachalam, Ajay and Sameer
Thank you very much for the comics.I am glad that at least there is no 'Recession' in your speed of comics.
Looking forward to the magical 805 figure

Colonel Worobu said...


Misraji from TCP is Ajay AFAIK.

Glad you enjoyed my Narda comments :o) I have one more comment in that section you may like!

Krishna said...

I am the 4th to comment. Great comics both of them. Keep it up!

jyothiprakash said...

Sameer, Venkit,

Great job guys! Hats off to you guys (And Prabhat and Misraji) for your selfless service. It feels good to know that there are a number of like minded people out there, who eagerly await the posting of new comics on your blogs (In fact, these days I check 4-5 times every day!)

Keep up the good work!


cyclone said...

Dear Sameer,

I am a regular visitor at your blog.I find it very difficult to download comics from rapidshare it shows error most of the time. please use mediafire. this is much better.


Sridhar said...

Thank you Sameer !

adibud34 said...

Thanks so much Sameer and Venkit. Awesome job!

PBC said...

Thanks Venkit & Sameer!

thankfull said...

hi guyz,
im a chartered accountant aged 37. people like u have made life of thouands like us full of joy. thnz 2 u we are transported to our childhood days. comics & soccer used 2 rule the roost. i simply dont hv d vocabulary 2 thnk u enuff.
God bless u.


Krishna said...

Now, no comments from Sameer-----

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Oh my God! Krishnaji, you say i am not commenting! this is disaster for me! haha!

actually, I was tooo busy with my institute activities, hence could not respond!

Venkit, First is first and it is because of you, that the posting has been done nicely!

Bharat, do not please pray that the 805 no is reached, because that day the blogs will die out without any motivation!!

Col, JP, Cyclone ( wow, what a name!), Sridhar, Adibud, Prabhat and thankful,
I am really thankfull for you guys making it here for me! I admit, I should have commented back as Krishnaji said, but pl. forgive me for my activities....I will fill up by posting someting great in a day or two!!

Krishna said...

Ok! Thats a good comment Sameer! BTW I am planning to print all my IJC and only select ones. The total is 11000 pages ! Planning to check with my printers who did my 2 books for me. What would be a good rate per page? Thanks for inputs.

PBC said...

Hello Sameer!

Check my another blog “History & Mythology” (, now it's open for all. Once I promised to post maximum numbers of Amar Chitra Katha & Tinkle. We’ll continue in style which is loved & recognized by friends.


Übermann said...

thanks for sharing... always appreciate your effort.