Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back in a "FLASH" GORDON!

Keeping the same enthusiasm due to the power pack support of VENKIT, today "We" i.e. Venkit and Me are back with a double boost rocket of Flash Gordon IJCs...

I always think on these lines : who decided to bring all these great characters together? don't u guys feel that it was amazing co-incidence that all these characters were bestowed upon us so nicely...I can understand Phantom & Mandrake: two sons of the same father but Flash Gordon and Bahadur...all of them filled our child hood and now our entire lives with so much happiness and I remember dreaming to be one of these, always.
I would have been surprised if Richie Rich or batman had been introduced as a Indrajal....just cant think of it!
since this is a BLOG, please share your thoughts on this thought!
VOLUME 21_13 : The Alien Hypnotic Giant & VOLUME 21_32 : The Sabre of Law
Download Mediafire : Vol 21_13:


PBC said...

Simply Great! What a post!

Again I'm first. :)

PBC said...

And the most important: Thanks VENKIT & SAMEER !

pattu said...

The earlier IJCs had some fairy tales I think but then they decided to cater to slightly higher age group. I have pleasant memories of Phantom, Mandrake and Bahadur. I didnt find anything special about Flash and I think Garth is a bore. Ijcs has wide range of action comics from Phantom to Mike Nomad, Rip Kirby etc. I think TOI simply got what they could afford when they wanted to expand.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...


I think you are fulltime dedicated to Indrajals...that is why, you are first, everywhere! I mean in rank too...

Grouchy, i agree that TOI may have got whatever was affordable, but u will agree, It was a perfect combo!
I like flash, especially Dale :-)
ahem! but garth was a total was designed to discourage eople from reading any comic!! another shocking thing was, his godess astra was always naked...a bad thing for us, kids of age 8-12 is't it?

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

We also used to have AXA and Modesty Blaise during the same time. So this Goddess was nothing compared to the above 2 women!

You really had to almost go after Bhanu Athaiya (The Oscar winning dress designer in 1982) to put some dress on these voluptuous women (Is it politically correct to use that term when mentioning women?)

PBC said...

Dear Sameer, no I just mean as first visitor.

I’m not first in ranking, brother I’m not a race with anyone, just a hardcore fan who wish to collect & share quickly. I’m totally agree with you as all river finally we meet in the ocean. Current posting style is giving me pleasure.
1. All scans are coming quickly, so these are not been outdated. Really when scans are ready & uploaded, it too very short time make a post.
2. All friends, atleast major contributors are scanning different IJC. They are informing each other & avoiding duplication in first round. All who scanned wished to see online.

Today we are shoting rockets, only because other friends made platform. If we started from zero, may be our speed was much slower. We are posting many only because other friends (contributors) had taken main load on themselves. I don’t see any difference in posting mine or others scans if we both are agree. A team always wins. Finally we are posting for others, so let have a fun.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

I agree that that other women were really good! infact, Bela was the best Indian ( only Indian , so no choice)....Narda and Diana "wow" but i am afraid that the Ghost who walks will hit me with a WHAM and Mandrake may hit me with a mental blow!!

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

I said that u r first because I respect the work u r doing! ofcourse, we are doing for others, but u r doing more than anybody else! This speed of posting was never there in the past 3 years nor will it be in next few years!
btw, since u have psted all Phantom dailies and sundays, can u post Mandrake dailies and Sundays?

PBC said...
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PBC said...

Dear Sameer,

I posted strips & non-IJC the Phantom comics only because there was no blog who had posted all non IJC Phantom. There were blogs created but stopped posting or only partially available & these were from internet. Current bloggers or persons I know did not scan these. None informed me he would carry this project. I posted some material from Bryan’s site in 100th post, and mentioned about his site. Later noted his e-mail, I asked his permission, he didn’t allow, I removed.

I was interested to collect all Asterix, Tintin, Classic Illustrated series that I already posted. Some more full series I will post. However, I’m not fare with books. Soon make a healthy balance. :)

I’ll continue posting some comics, but more interested on Phantom. I’ll like to collect ALL non-IJC Phantom, but it’s not easy task, as well as try to organize & make regular Frew Coloring Project.. Soon all Ajay’s Egmont Scans will come too. I’ll concentrate on Frew and Phantom related books & comics to make B&C blog an unique library where one could find all non-IJC Phantom.

Last year when I found some Mandrake strips wrote to Bala ji as he had done half work & was regular. He had these and He told he would continue in same direction. Now he is back, and increased the frequency to meet our demands. That is why, I requested Ajay & Venkit to send all IJC Mandrake for posting him rather than me, if possible only to him. I even stopped posting English Mandrake IJC which were in hand & forwarded him. Let we all together support & encourage him. As many Mandrake strips are unavailable, “2-3 Mandrake posts a week” by him is very nice frequency. He said that he would try his best.

Sumantto Banerjee said...

Dear All,

A fan of IJC and ACK was looking for some good sites for refreshing my memories. I was an ardent reader of the comics till 1987, after that due to various factors, didn't pursue for a search, but in last few days I just found this site to one of the best. I give full credit to all efforts been done to maintain the site and time devotes to scan these comics. Thanks you all for all your dedicated works.

Sumantto Banerjee