Friday, May 8, 2009

What to do now....

Dear Friends,
I want you all to to discuss here what to do now as there is no way ahead due to several issues:

1) Most of the IJCs been uploaded, nothing more to do about it
2) 1st April being the black day in all bloggers life, belief has become a rare word
3) notices to all IJC bloggers regarding copyright.....

Is this the end of good days? the discussions, the fights, the treasure trove of all Phantom, Mandrake, Flash & Bahadur comics....all the blogs will be dead after a few a planet
in the universe....people who used to long for the scans we made and ther one will be interacting now....ofcouse, there are millions of pages other than IJC or Diamond comics..but we will surely miss the craze of Indrajal....
I have an option, posting Marathi IJC..but that would not serve for all around the world.

But to keep the fire burning....Posting a Non-IJC for the first time....A HARVEY PHANTOM
Curse of the Sunken Treasure : Phantom
Password protected file. email me at for password


Rafiq Raja said...

Hi Sameer,

I would suggest that once the IJC's are all over, all the die-hard IJC bloggers, join under a single website or blogspace where they could then discuss and disseminate about our favorite comic topics.

Too many blogs would have been a good way for sharing, but when you are going to invite discussions, being on one common place, will benefit all.

That's just my two pennies of thought.


Amith Nag said...

Hi Sameer,
True that IJCs are ending, but there are so many other publications for our IJC heroes (Frew, Harvey, etc) which havent yet been posted. Then there are ACKs, Tinkles, Mandrake dailies, etc. yet to be posted. I am sure you guys will be able to find a lot more comics to post in the days to come :D

pattu said...

The magic of ijcs cannot be replaced. The trouble is its difficult for bloggers to get other comics (except Prabhat perhaps!) In any case because of copyright issues it would be better to get a private blog.

ps. This harvey has already been posted in one of the comics blogs.

Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Sameer,

First of all a huge thanks for sending the Dailies and Sundays. I would recommend to everyone who loves Phantom should get his own copy.

I won"t keep you in suspense with my friend. Das ist ihre freund von Deutschland.

Schones Wochenende. Have a nice weekend.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Rafiq Raja has put up a nice thought....not worth pennies, but the pounds!

Amith Nag, I agree there a a lot of more options to post, but copyright may bogg us down now

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...


I will get all other comics problem...but IJC is something very special...and yes, i just came to know it has been posted, but difficult to find i a haystack! so np :))

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...


so the mystery unfolds!! great to have u here man,

ja, du bist mein freund von Deustchland!

Schones Wochenende to you too!!

and i have personally experienced how people enjoy weekends in, really enjoy!!

Unknown said...

who served you copyright notice? I mean the publishers have long back stopped printing them, thinking that they earn no money for them. Why STOP ? Do we really have all the IJC till date scanned and online? Then I must have been way behind all of you.

But, a closed forum should be a solution to all of our problems, What do you all think?

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Phuktay saheb, u r right....but let us first verify idf thye notice is genuine..then we will decide about it.

Amith Nag said...

Sameer, if its the copyrights thingie you are worried about, you can make urs a private blog for starters - like Prabhat's ACK one. Else you can post the covers and mail the mediafire links to the community members. Also other options like torrents, etc can be tried out. What say? :D

PBC said...
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Krishna said...

I had already mentioned that the best way to avoid legal hassles is to make a private blog. membership is by invite only.

Unknown said...

Thanks Sameer, would love to see Mahabharata - I & II and Tulsidas Ramayana I & II (Hindi) next as they are based on Indian Mythology. Anything hindustani, I am for it.