Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Fire is still burning

Atleast for a few days more, the IJC magic is going to continue!
a friend and follower of our blogs, WATER KINGDOM ( this is the name he prefers)
just updated me that there are many which have not been posted. Maybe, these are already posted, we are not sure..but all visitors do not visit all blogs , so i think some may be happy to download these!
My new face on the profile has given nightmars to some..few are intrigued by i though to make someting out of it...since we are running out of real comics...i tried to make a original comic strip...NO ONE IN THE WORLD CAN GIVE ME A NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT for this one :))
please comment on it......

Water Kingdom has taken track of all blogs since last 2 years ( what consistency!!) and he has sent me a list of around 31 IJC...also, only less than 300 IJC are posted in we can go on :))
The scans have been from ICC, but mostly scanned by Ajay Mishra...but thanks to both of them!
So enjoy these.....

Download ( password protected) email:


Unknown said...

Thanks to Sameer & other contributors for maintaining such a wonderful blog. I am sure its a great work for the entire IJC community....wishing them all success & good luck

Old Man Mozz said...

Maybe the Giant Ape might have been posted but the Hunter"s Prey is definitely new. Thanks all the same, Sameer.

Preeti said...

Please can you mail me the password for these at preeticomics thanks

Jai said...

Nice to see you back with full steam ahead on track.
You have broken out of the chakravhyu.
After a long time on net, you are the first to post IJC.
This is really great.
Have written to you, and now waiting for the password.

Rafiq Raja said...

Sameer, Another gems from the IJC, thanks for sharing.

By the way, your new disp pic is going to give me some nightmares for days or nights to come :)


Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Sameer, please send me the passwords for the two files. You know my email address.

BTW, is your new picture in response to the Cease and Desist? I had asked this in one of your previous posts.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Water, it is you who made me come back again...thanks!

Old Man Mozz, ( hows life in Germany ).....thanks again to be here!!

Preeti, i will surely do!

Jai, that is some comment, I have been successful in brraking the shackles..I was really in a fix for almost 2 weeks about what to do.....but yes, I am on track now!!

Rafiq Raja, I am going to give u more nightmares, by posting a few similar pictures here, today!!

Venkit, you are right, the picture wa meant due to the same reason... but till I fully cease and desist, i will fight till the last scan.....:))

jyothiprakash said...

Hi Sameer...
Thanks for the comics.
I for one, had no problems identifying you from the new profile picture....however, the profile pic did intrigue me. Do you take interest in Mime or any other such art form? Or is there any other explanation for those photos. In any case, the comic strip is funny and it sums the IJC journey (Particularly with this blog) very well!

Amith Nag said...

Whats with the turmeric make-up, Sameer? Trying for a glowing skin? :P ;)
Thanks or the comics. Please mail me the passwords.

Unknown said...

why all are amused abt his face? Bhabi got some time and thought she should give sameer some denting painting. :-) no offense intended.

Rafiq Raja said...

Ooohla.... Your Proprietary Comic Strip is too good. Now I am going to have more nightmares even on days ... hehehe

Unknown said...

Hello Sameer, can you help uploading the following comics on priority.
1. Mahabharat - I & II (Hindi or English)
2. Visitors from the Future (V22N45)
3. Tulsidas Ramcharit Manas - II in Hindi
4. Doomed Captives (V21N16)
5. Scheming Sharks (V23N07)
6. Whispering Shadow (V23N45)
7. Island of No Return (V24N02)
8. Price of Revenge (V24N05)

The above comics are from the list shared with you.


Sridhar said...

Dear Sameer,

Could you please email me the passwords for the two files ? I am looking forward to meet you when in India.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the links.
It seems I am joining quite late in the scene.
I am a huge fan of IJC and was absolutely delighted to stumble upon these blogs.
@Sameer and @Ajay - you are doing great work. Keep it up

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