Thursday, July 2, 2009


My dear Comic fans, Phantom fans, crazy guys from the world over, what would be your reaction, if our idol, the legendary LEE FALK would have interacted with you and to add icing to the cake, send you an autograph ?!?
Yes, this is true, and it is a proud Indian to own it!!
I am thankful to this blog world, I got the opportunity to befriend so many people across India
and the many are holding responsible positions in their fields....
Recently I came across another fan of Phantom and Mandrake via my blog and in the first chat
I came to know he is not just a fan but a person far beyond it!
Mr. V.V. Ramanan, Senior Journalist on Sports Desk, The Hindu
He is a well known quizmaster at The Hindu, where he works on the Sports Desk as a senior journalist. ( I am proud to be part of the print media, being a printing engineer! )

And now, the main objective of writing about him :
A few days back while chatting, he mentioned that he had an autograph of LEE FALK and he also said he will send it to me scanned to post in my blog!

I requested him to also send me a short writeup about how he interacted with the great legend which i am also posting her in his own words, along with the autographed panel which i think, he is the only Indian who proudly owns it!
Here is Ramanan in his own words as to how he got the autograph of 'The Master':
Being a fan of The Phantom and Mandrake, apart from other comic book characters, since childhood, I decided to write to the creator Lee Falk and request him for a personalised autographed panel with one of his creations.
Those were pre-Internet days (very restricted) and I manged to get his address from visiting the U.S. Consulate Library. I wrote a letter full of admiration (as any die-hard of fan would do) and made my request. Since he was doing me a favour, I enclosed a self-addressed envelope.
And lo and behold, 'The Master' responded within a month with the panel that you see in this blog and a letter that thanked me for being a big fan. Even though that letter has gone missing (how careless of me!), I have preserved this panel..and will do so till can't die like our costumed heroes :)
I also have signed panel/photos from other wonderful creators like Hank 'Dennis the Menace' Ketcham, Mort 'Beetle Bailey' Walker and Charles 'Peanuts' Schulz. I also have assorted other autographs including all the Indian Nobel Laureates, the Presidents of our great nation, Neil Armstrong, Hillary and Tenzing, etc..
I want to get the autograph of the creator of Bahadur..Can somebody help me out with his contact details..Thanks a million in advance :)
And before I conclude, I want to say to a BIG BIG THANK YOU to fans like Sameer, Prabhat, Venkit, Ajay, Anupam and others (whose names I can't recall) for doing such a wonderful job of scanning and distributing the timeless Indrajal creations for us to go on a nostalgic trip and the younger generation to enjoy..May their tribe increase.
As mentioned in an earlier mail, I am attaching a scan of the panel that Lee Falk autographed for me some 14 years back. It would be niceif you could post it on your blog so that fellow Phantom lovers can enjoy it. Thanks.

and to add to the joy of all phantom lovers, i am posting yet another Phantom Indrajal missing number.....I call this a post of the biggest post ever, since it contains a unique AUTOGRAPH of Lee Falk!



Rafiq Raja said...

It's indeed a great achievement, and a piece to cherish for all Phantom fans. I was such a dumbo to have missed his visit to India, event hough I couldn't have had that much money at that young age to travel to the cities which he tripped....

Now part of me, is happy to see someone from our group possessing a signed copy from Lee Falk himself.

By the way Sameer, is Mr.Ramanan based out from Chennai city ?

Unknown said...

Hi Sameer

Thanks for those nice words..I am honoured.

@Rafiq: Yes sir, I am based in Chennai

TheTangror said...


Mr Ramanan may your collection increase. You seem to have an amazing collection with autographs of great personalities.

I had collected some autographs a while back and I would like to present you an autographed photograph of Mr R K Laxman (which you have not mentioned) which I had collected, I think it will be better preserved with you and one day maybe our future generations can have a look at the wonderful history through these autographs.

Please mail me your contact details


Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Dear Rafiq, this is what i call as fortune! Ramanan is from Chennai, but i had the luck and priviledge to post the autographed panel from Pune!

Dear Ramanan, I am so thankful to you as your autographed panel has given life to our blogworld again!

Tangror, welcome and thanks for the kind words!

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

mandrake ki hindi comics


kk said...

Cool! Ramanan check with fellow Indian comic fan Alok,
who has actually taken off from work to make a documentary about the Indian creators.


Jai said...

Dear Sameer
Thanks for the comic and for the superb post.

Dear Ramanan
Thanks for sharing this priceless gem with us all.


Unknown said...

see Ramanan did what I actually always dreamt of but never did. some die hard fans are really worth of what they treasure.

thanks sameer bhau for this post.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

KK, Jai, Phuktya,

I am just a medium, and lucky that Ramanan choose me for distrubuting his happiness with us all!

I think, we all should form a Phantom phorum, A Mandrake club or a Indrajal club and make Ramanan, Abid surti the honorory members!

it is time we all came together and started someting, so many such treasures will be shared!

what do you guys say?

Old Man Mozz said...

Hey Sameer, that sounds like a great plan....

Also thanks for sharing the story of Mr. Ramanan with us. I feel really happy that someone had the pleasure of receiving Mr. Lee Falk"s autograph.

@ Ramanan : May your collection increase by leaps & bounds.

Kudos to Tangror who is willing to send a prized autograph to a fellow collector.

PBC said...

@TheTangror: Kudos! It’s like a real fan & big hearted man.

@ramanan: Thanks for sharing autograph! Pls contact me through one of three my public e-mails. Think, I can bring you closer to the autograph of the creator of Bahadur.

@Sameer: Thanks for last missing Phantom. Wonderful colouring! Pls colour all phantom strips, it’d be wonderful gift to all fans- a regular posting material which will attract visitors always and colour printed strips would be a hit.

Amith Nag said...

Oh My God - this is really awesome! Thanks Mr.Ramanan. Also, it so nice to see such a senior person endorsing these blogs. And thanks Sameer, for this info and the autographed panel. Cant wait to download "The Ghost's Fury" to chk out the unique autograph....

Unknown said...

Tangror, KK, Mohammed Qasim, Jai, Phuktya, Old Man Mozz, Prabhat, Amith Nag


With warm regards


Unknown said...

Hi All

I would be grateful if someone can get me the postal address or email of Mr. Govind Brahmaniya, who brought Bahadur to life visually. I can then request him for an autographed panel with his creations and frame it together with the Phantom panel.It would really be a conversation piece..
Regards to all

Munna Bhai said...

ramanan: Contact me, may be I could be good medium to fulfil your dreams. Who knows. :)

Colonel Worobu said...

Thank you Ramanan for sharing this with us! Thanks to Sameer for the informative post.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Thanks to all guys, and specially Ramanan for making this blog quite active, as it was in earlier days! The views and expressions here sre s proof that we all are ther same volcanoes who remain dormant but erupt with joy when the situation is favoralble! The lava is the joy from the deep bottoms of our hearts...let it flow...let it flow....let it flow...

Jolly Jumper ஜாலி ஜம்ப்பர் said...

Thanks Ramanan Sir

and a special thanks for Sameer also.

Jolly Jumper
Comic Fans

teddyk said...

thank you very much

Unknown said...

Hey Sameer,

Just discovered the site today. Great job! Keep up the good work.


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