Monday, July 6, 2009

Indrajal V0.26_32_ Flash Gordon

After a jubiliant Phantom post, happily or sadly, but the last Phantom post of Indrajal comics....

One more gap filler sent by our fellow contributor, VENKIT!

Flash Gordon, Volume 26 _32 :The Deadly Intrigue

This comic must be "scanned" by our sensor board as dale & Matara, Zarkov's wife is "popping out" in all the frames :)) ( maybe, like a one-time bollywood heroine, who may not get another chance....:) )

And I dont know how this was passed, but its a "bigg kids" comic!

read and see!!

Download and email for password :


PBC said...

Thanks Venkit & Sameer!

HojO said...

A Nice Flash adventure...a real-life adventure kinda story set-up in some pre-historical Jurasic back ground!!:-)

And if I'm NOT wrong,it's MATARA(Jarkov's wife) who was more in popping-out-mode in 90% of frames where she shared the space AND Dale was only in few frames(not good! :P)...and hey,Matara's xposure was really head rolling,when I first read this story in 1989...hihihi...and still she is,well,in lesser extent!! :-)
So u might goofed-up da name in excitment!!! :)))....and IT'S really true how our censor-board did passed this "adult's filler"@that time(1989)..well,sometimes they do good & generous jobs,no?? lol ;))

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Prabhat, Welcome, and nice to see your dolphin again :))

Sagnik, thanks for the correction, I made it right now!

seems like you keep a good memory of was a famous sweet for us all, featuring in many IJC back, I got the right poppins :o)

Unknown said...

Hi Sameer
Thanks a lot. Please send me the PWs.

Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Sameeer,

Thanks for the post and also thanks to Venkit for the scans.

Seems like you have been busy. Have not received your pw for the last 3 posts also. Can you send them all in one mail. Thanks appreciate it man.

Ajnaabi said...

Hi! Samir,
Thanks for Flash.
But why still the password game ? U see... Feeling Too lazy to email for password for every comic....

Colonel Worobu said...

Hi Sameer,

Can you please send me the password?

Thank you VenKit for the scans!


Jai said...

Dear Sameer

Thanks to you and Venkit.

Keep it up and soon all IJC's will be on net.


Jolly Jumper ஜாலி ஜம்ப்பர் said...

thanks VenKit Walker.

Thank you Sameer Bhai for making sure we did NOT MISS that scene in the cover by any chance.

Just kidding.

Wonderful. Thank you.

Jolly Jumper ஜாலி ஜம்ப்பர் said...


Woh Password Muje Dheydho Sameer.

(Read it like Our dharam Paaji).

Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Sameer,

These are the scans I do not have. Some have not been scanned like Mahabarta but can you send me the links of the others that have been posted.

Sr. No. Year Title
245 1976 The Phantom and the Beast
272 1977 Mahabharata Part 1
278 1977 Mahabharata Part 2
369 1981 The Desperados
423 1982 The Victim at Darehouse
V20N05 1983 The Crime Tangle
V20N38 1983 The Phantom's Adored Gem Part I
V20N39 1983 The Phantom's Adored Gem Part II
V21N07 1984 The Mantle of Mystery
V21N41 1984 Journey to the Silver Sands
V21N44 1984 The Satan's Legion
V21N50 1984 The Crime Syndicate of Arjangarh
V22N37 1985 The Weird Bank Robberies
V22N46 1985 The Ghost's Fury
V23N02 1986 The Hypnotic Gem
V24N02 1987 The Island of No Return
V24N36 1987 The Forbidden Beach
V25N07 1988 The Innocent Victims
V25N17 1988 The Savage Outlaws
V25N29 1988 The Killer Androids
V25N32 1988 The Maze of Deceit
V25N41 1988 The Dreaded Fugitive
V26N34 1989 The Veiled Secret

I am posting this also at Munnabhai's & Prabhat's blog.

Thanks in advance. Still waiting for the pws & news on the printing of the Mandrake & Flash Dailies.

Amith Nag said...

Thanks Sameer and Venkit. I was able to unzip without a pwd - so was that a googly from you, Sameer? Interesting rip-off of "King Kong" this story - probably by a different artist who wanted to give it a "bold" touch....

Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Sameer,

I received all links for my earlier post except for one from Prabhat.

However, I need the pws for the following 3 posts on your blog

V22N46 1985 The Ghost's Fury
V23N02 1986 The Hypnotic Gem
V24N02 1987 The Island of No Return


teddyk said...

thank you kindly

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks for gem of an issue, Sameer. :) I can presume what would have the been the reaction of VenKIT while scannning it ;)

By the way, please send me the passwords for all your previous shares... I sent you a lit by email already, waiting for the reply.


Deb said...

Thanks, Sameer & Venkit.

I've sent you a request for the password.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link.

Image# 26 is upside down -jus wanted to let u know.

editor said...

Aah Samir bhai

I don't know how indebted I feel to you. After years of search, I could finally read The Black Stinger.

I think there were a couple of other comics too in which Baron Dak Tula made a presence.

Besides, I wanted to ask you, if you remember in which comics Flash goes back in time, to Atlantis and other places and learns a lot from a guy whom he had met at Mars also. The Hindi names were Naimu Hopatya and Sareet. I don't know if they were the names in English comics of Flash also.

Anyway. You are doing a fact a historic job. Thanks a tonne.


Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Indscribe, email me at, we can discuss all you want!

vijay kumar sappatti said...






vijay kumar sappatti said...

my number is 09849746500 ///vijay /// hyderabad//

Unknown said...

Is there a version of this comic that precedes The Deadly Intrigue? In that Zarkov apparently has a secret love with whom he elopes the Queen's clutches..

Anonymous said...

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