Thursday, August 27, 2009


so email me.......!

As I said, I will be back and i have to coverup the backlog, so posting two Phantom comics with great stories!
I will post all indrajals here and of course in all 3 languages, English, Hindi, Marathi so a one-stop-shop for indrajal lovers, but it is one big project again and need help from you all!

till then, enjoy these "GEMS"......

for passwords, email me :

download here :
1) Uranium valley:
2) Hoodoo of Pirate Ship:


Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Sameer,

First to post...

long time no post...but the wait has been worth it. Looks like two great classics.

Thanks. Have a great weekend.

PBC said...

After a self short exile, you are coming back with great news. I don't know Marathi, but would be very happy to see along with NEW scans of Hindi & English.

Vedha said...


am 3rd in the list to thank you for these 2 lovely books and thanking in advance for the Hindi versions.

waiting eagerly.

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi very good please post hindi indrajaal soon


Anonymous said...

It is a gigantic project.
I appreciate and admire your efforts.
All the best.


P.S. - Could you please put all the IJCs in toto i.e. from cover to cover ?

Rafiq Raja said...

It's an enormous effort to bring all under one roof, even the thought of it.

Wish you best of luck, Sameer. Looking forward for your posts.

Anonymous said...


this is one fantastic job ur doing. i gt some friends 2 who may get excited about this project

Vidhat said...

HI guys,

I had asked for an password yesterday i.e. on 31st Oct 09. Still haven't got one. Can I hve the password pls.