Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Friends, It is not that I have nothing to post....was thinking of making the blog interesting and a good place for all of you.

I am thinking of posting all Hindi and Marathi versions of the Indrajals here. the only problem in Marathi is, a lot of initial #s are not available....can anyone help?

You can scan and email me, i will do the rest. especially, #1!

Also, suggest me if posting of all 803 comics here can be a good Idea.

Will post a couple of interesting Phantom posts tomm. here. ( non indrajals)


Rafiq Raja said...

Go on, and live your heart out dude :)

Anonymous said...

I was always waiting for someone who can put IJCs in toto ie. all the IJCs from cover to cover and from the begining to the end.
It is not an easy task.
I congratulate you for such an effort and wish you all the best.

Kindly put some of the frew as well if possible.



Vedha said...

would love to help you sameer.unfortunately i do not have them. anyway, i know a friend who had them. so, will try to get get connected with him (after, say 10-12 yrs).

all the very best sameer.

Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Nice project! It's a all fans dream to see all Indrajal cover to cover. Egarly waiting new scans.

Best of luck.