Monday, January 21, 2008

IJC # 343 The Black Stinger: Flash Gordon

Dear Indrajal Lovers, this one is the dearest comic to me, as it is a direct connection to my childhood, taking me 28 years back!
This was the first comic i had received as subscription in 1980, when i was 8 years old! I remember the day, it was morning, around 10 - 10. 30 when our paperwala threw in the Sakal and this IJC, The Black stinger in my doorstep.
When i got this one in exchange with Chandoba, tears dropped down my eyes as I read it and the childhood memories started coming back to me, clear and bright as sunlight! Friends, it is not a mere comic or a Rs. 2.00 worth of paper, its a trip down memory lane, which everyone wants! IJC has give it again and again....
I had it without cover, so the cover is a hindi scanned copy and rest is all clicks!
Daily Strips:
When Chandoba and I put up the Idea of printing the daily strips, many are interested and contacting me and Chandoba! We are working on the cost, as it is around 5500 pages!! ( wowww!) I will put it up here on 26th Of Jan 2008, aswell as circulate the same in the Indrajal Community, so any Phantom lover, visiting any of the blogs, will get it surely! The main thing is, more the number of copies booked, lesser will be the cost per head, per copy! So hurry Guys, book ur copies today!


Indrajal Comics Club said...

thanks for the click,, ur idea is certainly "clicking" well give ur estimate for sundays too.. will be sending u the dvd tomm

pattu said...

I am the first to click on your new poll. If you look at the IOB list you would find that several late Ijcs have not been posted. In fact it is extraordinary that many of the 1st 100 Ijcs have been posted. I think the main reason for this is the age of Vinneth and Bhoopathy if I am not wrong. Being in theor 40s they had access to strips in late 60s and early 70s.

pattu said...

I forgot! Thanks for the comic!

HojO said...

YES!!!!! Any ol' memory associated wid IJC is 'special'!!!

So,you've subscriptn??

Btwn,I was inroduced with this magical world of 'Indrajal Comics' in 1989,allthough some of my frnds were in 1988 as well!!

I'd read many of 5-6 month old issues then,before starting my own colectn with Phantom:'Mystery of Black Box'(Vol.26 No.33)& with my extreme bad luck,IJC were shifted in forthnightly frm 8-yr-long weekly releses....then I'd collect allmost all frm our Book-stalls ,,until they cancelled the series in April,1990 with Dara:Vol.27 No.8!! :(((

But,MOST of my early collectns were contributed frm adearest frnd,who'd an amazing collectn frm 1988 series with few ol' small banner(his elder's colletn,of cos)!!

Then,after 2 years later,I was introduced with a bundle of rarest IJCs like No.300+ with small banners ...was thrilled with all of those rare gems!!

OHH.....those were the days!!!:-))

pattu said...

Sagnik, as ICC pointed out, I think you are one of the last big fans of IJcs before it died.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Thanks, Grouchy! My "Clicks" will surely respect ur click! & Sagnik, Thanks for the Comment! ICC is always the one who steals the show! He commented first today! Thanks Chandoba...

HojO said...


Thnx 4 compliment!
It's INDEED!!! :-))

I'm among those GRETEST FANS of "Indrajal Comics" .....& I know how many crazy stuffs I did for reading/collecting hard-copies of these gems!! ;))

Now I've many a Physical Copies of old Indrajals & rest as scan,but my urge to re-read those will never die & the 'Passionate-COLLECTOR' within me will NOT take rest until get those which I yet-to-collect ON-PAPER!!:-)

Colonel Worobu said...

Thanks for sharing your clicks. This is one of my favorite Flash strips.

One request: Could you also include the inside of the back cover showing the date of the issue in the future? Thanks.


TPH said...

Thanks a lot for this one. I also remember it from my childhood. It is one of the earliest I remember till now. Many panels looks familiar instantly though I am seeing them after so many years. Flash coming out from that hot shield, dog fight with dak tula, and finally he injecting flash. Wow! sweet memories. Thanks again.

Krishna said...

Our brain is full of IJ comics. Great comic and great post. Thanks Sameer.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comic, Sameer. This is one of my favorites. I've always enjoyed Flash Gordon comics.

Anonymous said...

nice comic,Sameer.Keep it up.
All the needed support is always there for you.
Having said that,had any luck with THE FALSE WILL?
its a comic many wud love to view,thanks.

Anonymous said...

can u plzzzzzz post ACK tooooo

adibud34 said...

Thank you so much, Sameer. This was a fun comic to read - I always wanted to read a Flash comic where the Skorpi were featured prominently. Don't you think that the Flash Gordon creators tried to model the Skorpi after the Japanese - I always felt that! I dunno though whether I'm correct or not!

Anonymous said...

Nice comic. Both the stories were good. Thanks.

- Ruchi.

Kaushik Dasbiswas said...


I am a great fan of phantom dailies, especially Sy barry illustrated ones. I really appreciate all these comics that you have uploaded here. I have been a silent reader for many months now.

If you are planning to create a printed / DVD copy, I would definitely be interested in sharing the cost.

I live in New Jersey USA, but I am sure we will be able to work out the logistics.

Please, please email me if you can.


Free said...

But the mediafire link do not seem to work! But thanks with this trip down the memory lane. The same goes for me.

Anonymous said...

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