Saturday, January 26, 2008

Indrajal # 196 : The Village of Ghosts : Phantom

This was the day when our Constitution was finalized!
Let us all Ind"rajal"ians form a constitution,
that everyday one Indrajal must be read by all comic lovers!

This is what i tried to do to show that our beloved ghost really belongs
and adores India and not only stays in bangalla! ( i feel, i can do some strip, eh? what do you people think?)

As per the poll results, I am posting a Phantom IJC and again as per teh poll, (#100-200) # 196, as our constitution repects the votes of every citizen! Even Indrajalians do!!

Scans are by Ajay Mishraji and given to me by Chandoba, so again thanks to both of them!


I was going to post the cost of printing strips, but a response of only 15-16 has been registered! if the number is 25, it will be feasible to do it! I request u all to think over it again, as it is a lifetime treasure and one time opportunity! I will wait for 2-3 days more and then post the costing of whatever no.s are registered!

Download :


HojO said...

Vande Maataram!!!!!!

It's ice comic which was republished later!

Sammer,you may wait for a week or so,as I think some may be hesitaing 'cos they have NO IDEA abt costing!!

Thus,you may provide a 'chart' of costing what wud b the rate for 20 pple or 30/40 etc!
Then after a week,the deal may be finalised!!

Unknown said...

Sameer,thanks for the return,just was a bit worried for lack of activity for the last few days.
Anyway,a fantastic comic to mark the occasion.
Ind"rajal"ians ....hahahha,i really loved this and also the banner.Great job.
This comic was later republished as MASSACRE IN THE JUNGLE.In the end including Phantom,everyone was kept wondering whether it was all a dream(i mean the story).
Keep up the good effort,i like your spirit regarding INdrajals.
Pardon me for asking once again,but do u have FALSE WILL no 163?If having,i wud love to view it here,thanks.

Comic World said...

Sameer no doubt you can also try your hands on strips.
A welcome Phantom comic for the occasion,keep it up.

pattu said...

Great Comic. Many thanks. I havent read this one before.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

happy republic day to u.. vande mataram

one change , the comic has been sent by me not scanned... please change that,,this has been scanned by ajay

i also have many indrajals from #37 to vols.. in serial from 69# to 116( not all but many).. so tell me

Indrajal Comics Club said...

i was saying.. all r in marathi

Anonymous said...

Hi Sameer
Nice2see a Marathi Punekar (Pune-ite or whatever) starting a blog.
Would love 2see some old Marathi Phantoms in the 60s and 70s.
Dr ravindra Gokhale

Anonymous said...

Dr Ravindra Gokhale again
Sorry got cut off. Have been a regular with CW, IJC, TPH until I was deployed with the Army Medical Services in Iraq. Here the net access is very limited and incredibaly slow hence have not contributed for a while so let me say hullo to our friends at CW, IJC and TPH. Its nice to see a Punekar starting a blog. I have some great memories in Pune having been born and brought up in the great city before I moved to UK. NMV High School, BJMC, Tilak Tank, Vaishali-Rupali being my great institutions and haunts. However the most cherished child hood memories are associated with Mahabali Vetal aka Chalta Bolta Samandh. I would love to see some old Marathi Phantoms from 60s and 70s if you have. Many of them have already been posted on TCP,CW,IJC and TPH sites in English and Hindi but Marathi ones will always have a special appeal.
Many thanks
Dr Ravindra Gokhale

Colonel Worobu said...

Thank you sameer. Are these clicks or scans from Ajay?

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Thanks ICC, i will change the thanks to Ajay! But your thanks always remains, as u r the source for me! Also many thanks to your Dad, he gave me the DVD. I handed the comics to hm, too.are u also sending me sundays?
Mala watte, every week ek tari marathi apan doghe post karuya, ani te pan sequentially. Me mazi marathi chi list tula pathavto.

Dara: I will put up the costing as per ur suggestions.

Chandan, I do not have # 163, but i am franticallylooking for it... and dont worry, i will NEVER leave this! my generations will follow...I swear by the skull Cave.....Ok?

THanks CW & Grouchy, u always encourage me!

Dr.Ravindra Gokhale:
Doctor Saheb, aaple Puynay nagarit saharsha swagat aso! Many thanks for sparnt ur time, and i thank god for bringing u safely from Iraq! I will definitely post a marathi by monday, especially to welcome u to my blog. pl. keep coming and commenting!

Col. worobu, these r not clocks, but Ajay scans!

Anonymous said...

I read this comic many years ago in a cousin's house, and really liked it. Thanks for posting it. :)

Unknown said...

"Chandan, I do not have # 163, but i am franticallylooking for it... and dont worry, i will NEVER leave this! my generations will follow...I swear by the skull Cave.....Ok?"
hahahhaha...never heard anything like this are a good sport.Talking about generations,i think i will have to create a world record of surviving for the maximum no. of years.Will i see that day?
Where there ia a WILL,there is a FALSE WILL,Ooops...i mean where there is a will there is a way.Sorry.
Hope to view it this birth,anyway.
Thanks for the effort, Sameer.


Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

ICC, lookout.... Chandan wants to make a world record for surviving max. years!....he will give lifelong bhashans....bachke rehan re baba.... CHANDAN, JUST JOKING, YAAR...TUM JEEO HAZARO SAAL SAAL ME INDRAJAL PADHO EK HAZAR...OOPS 805...! and make a true will on our names....haha!

Chatur Cheeta said...

I feel Dara is right in saying that people might be hesitating to commit because they have no idea about the costing. So Dara's suggestion for providing a 'chart' of costing is very correct.

Übermann said...

great comics... awesome...

thanks for sharing

संजय जोशी said...

नमस्कार समीर
मी शाळेत असताना वेताळाची ओळख आणि ताबड्तोब मैत्रीच झाली .आणि काही वेळापूर्वी या मित्राला तुमच्यामुळे पुन्हा भेटलो बरेच वर्षे प्रयत्न करूनही न मिळालेला चालता बोलता समंध तुमच्यामुळे भेटला याबद्दल आपला अत्यंत आभारी आहे आणि मराठी इंद्रजाल कॉमिक्स मधे मला नक्कीच इंटरेस्ट आहे

Nilesh said...

pls add kara.