Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This is a real tough job, posting all i know the pains of ICC, MTM...and all!


pattu said...

Glad you are starting a blog. I dont want to be a wet blanket. This comic has alreayd been posted at TCP.
In any case welcome to the blogging community

pattu said...

I dint read what you had wrriten in the post below. Was the secret invention poseted in ICC?

No matter. Please post some unposted scans from Misraji. I am sure Ajay would help. Better still post your own scans.


HojO said...


Welcome in this blogging duniya and I'm happy specially 'cos 'that' reason I'd mentioned yesterday! ;-)

PS- As Pattu said,it alredy posted by,plz check b4 posting,so duplicatn can avoid!

And abt 'word verfiactn'...just go Dashboard> setting> Comment ....then turn off 'word verf'!

Unknown said...

Hope you go a long way and with the blessings of ICC and Ajay iam sure you will.
Great effort,keep it up.
Maybe the comic is posted on TCP,some might enjoy it here.
Can i have your mail id?Or feel free to call on me at

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Fantastic Job, Sameer.
Nice post. Am glad to see so many blogs for IJCs. Good to hear that you are one of the bloggers and we can hope to see more Indrajals.
Big Welcome to blogging world.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Thank you all, u r my gurus, so pl. keep the love and affection! I will go through the posted list and try to post the un-posted ones!

btw, can u all suggest ur requests, it will be easier for me!

Anonymous said...

can u plzzzzzz post ACK tooooo

Anonymous said...

Hi nice blog .I need to post resumes .can anybody send links of that sites.
Thank you.........