Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am really overwhelmed by your love! I know it looked bad, but it was not intentional to hurt your feeling, as clarified by Sudhanshu! I am making up all that and yesterday's commitment by posting three heroes :
Phantom, Mandrake & Flash !
Whatever has happened, one thing has happened surely, many anonymous
have become "known friends", so surely the whole thing was not at all a waste, i am sure you will agree with me!
I also strongly believe, demanding, expecting money and honour is always wrong from any activity you do for your own happiness, but expecting love and friendship from our own friends is not a sin. what do you say, folks?

Btw, I have referred the pdf of published Indrajals before posting, but since it is old data, i am not sure if any of these are repeated.... Thanks & happy downloading!

Can you tell me which one of these was the best? pl. rate them as 1-2-3.

Download Mandrake: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmzbuj2jy1i

Download Phantom: http://www.mediafire.com/?j3xiddjtovx

Download Flash: http://www.mediafire.com/?mygjnxohbyy


adibud34 said...

Wow!!!! This triple bonanza is so amazing! Thanks so much for posting this Triple Delight, Sameer! Awesome! I haven't yet downloaded the comics, so lemme do that and then I can tell you which one I liked the best! :)

adibud34 said...

Oh, by the way - the Mandrake was posted on some other blog - I remember reading it somewhere. But the other two - I will have to read and find out which one is better!

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Adibud34, Thanks! I think the posting list should be updated, so repittations will be avoided!

I am awaiting my old friend Dr. Ravi Gokhale, since he has not visited me in so many days! Marathi mansa, kuthe ahes?

Indrajal Comics Club said...

stone face was published at MTM on 4th dec07

Chatur Cheeta said...

Thank God I did not access the blog during the last week, hence was spared the shock.

Thanks for the post.

BTW posting of the english version of maarathi IJC is long overdue.

HojO said...

The Phantom & Flash stories are King creations(i.e. neither of these r 'original')...

Among 'early' Ijcs(frm #28 onwards),there are many such King/Charlton etc Phantom/Mandrake which are Non-Falk n also very bad scripting/art-work.... :-/

Wheneevr I'd collect these as physical copy,except the ol' vintage thing,rest is like waste of time!! :(

Anyway, that Mnadrake 'Stoned face
' is an amazing one... :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sameer,


Ravi said...

These are vintage comics. Cant wait to get my eyes on them. Supposed 2be working on my powerpoint presentation for tomorrow and its already past midnite here but I guess where I have drifted.
Thanks Sameer

Krishna said...

Hi Sameer
This post is the best of all! what great collections. Best

Anonymous said...

Cool..!!! Thanks Sameer.. u made our day....
Its just wonderful to start my day with these comics..


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sameer. The Phantom story was a good one.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Icc: now i remember reading it....

Chatur Cheeta: good to see u after so much time!

Raman! what a surprise!! nice to listen from u...

RAvi saheb, dont insert a comic in ur presentation, or else all of them will be fans of the Indrajals and not of ur presentation!!

Krishna, Saif and Deb, THanks for ur LOve, keep coming an dalso u can suggest any of ur favorites to be published....

Achala said...

Oh wow! Nice to see some old comics (pre-100). Haven't read them yet, so can't do the ranking.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these comics,


WildMagic said...

Hi Sameer,

I have not yet red the comics..downloading them as I type, but BUT..(I can't resist this:) How would I rate them? You must me joking right? The Phantom always comes first. Then come the rest, hehe..Now I will read through them, then type the remainder of the comment.
Done! It is so gratifying to be right :) Phantom 1, Flash 2, Mandrake 3.


adibud34 said...

Well Sameer, here is my ranking list for the 3 comics. The Flash Gordon, I absolutely HATED! I usually like Flash Gordon, but this one I really disliked! The artwork and the story were so pathetic...I can't believe how bad the comic was! Seriously!!! I found it really hard to read and enjoy that story, not to mention Prince Barin was bald? Sheesh!
So, my ranking would be (1)Phantom followed by (2)Mandrake - no rank for this particular Flash!

Ravi said...

Hi Sameer
Sorry didnt read your comment be4 i posted mine about your posts. I came back from Iraq safely last Wednsday and the first thing I did was to try and visit all you guys. Net access was difficult in Iraq esp Blogs are routinely filtered out hence missed so much.
I wd have loved 2include a Phantom slide or two in my ppt presentation unfort. Brits are not Phantom Phans and hardly any1 here has heard of Phantom. In contrast Phantom is quite popular in Germany but not so much in France in the Western Europe. Phantom is a big hit in Australia but again not so much in NZ which is very British.You can see there are so many cultural differences in the western world.
Sameer do u have a list of marathi Phantoms you have, if yes can you please email it to me.Have you scanned them by any chance?
By the way have posted a huge comment on CW's recent blog. Have a read and let me know what u think of it.
Take care.

HojO said...


That Flash is NOT Original creation...it's a crapy King comics....so,no wonder that sucks,also that Phantom is Non-Falk ...it's King again!! :(

I think,king P/M/F shud be avoided as those alredy scanned many n ALL worthless...but then...:-/

Anyway,'some' pple have problem to facing the truth n if any body post any honest remark n if that's negative(like I'd said earlier this Flash sucks),that NOT go well wid those pplse...who's ONLY motive is to get praise n nothing(see,how visitors rated Flash as gud to make happy!! huh....)

Anyway,that's now visitors have to do...if you wanna see Blogs alive n NOT get stopped suddenly!! :-/

Colonel Worobu said...

Well I am back from vacation and here is a nice triple treat from Sameer.

Frankly I do not care if the Flash/Phantom are King editions. I love these comics all the same.

So keep 'em coming sameer!

Anonymous said...

Are all these your own scans? Its a shame u can't give proper credit to the original scanner.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Achala: Thanks for comming! ranking is no so important, ur happiness is!

Dear Uday & Sagar, Welcome!

Adibud: I know the printing of Flash is worst of all! but it in an IJC....

Ravi saheb, congratulations on returning alive from Hell! I will definitely putup my list of marathi Indrajals in a day or two for u!

Dara: For the first time and last time, I am warning you : if you want to comment, you are welcome, but mind your language! also about the visitors, i would rather have no visitors instead of having useless "sucking" people like you... you have already made a bad name with ICC & CW, so stop putting ur nose in my Blog.

Col. Worobu, THanks pal!

Anonymous: I have already mentioned that i have been gifted a DVD of all Indrajal scans by Chandoba, so always i will give my credit to him only, as i do not know who has scanned it! If you feel it is a shame, first come face-to-face, reveal ur identity and be a "mard" commenting in this way is a impotency!

HojO said...

For the first time and last time, I am warning you : if you want to comment, you are welcome, but mind your language!

Mind your intention,Sameer!!!!!

What was ur intention by that QUITTINFG drama??? is NOT was CHEAP n showing ur comment/appreciatn greedy nature???

N by the way,what u've posted so far?? FACE IT: EITHER re-post OR crappy King comics,,,,so the numbers u got r HUGE compare to these!!

HojO said...

So,before talking abt others,check your intention....if I'd done something to YOU tell me n DON'T BE a weak person by rake-up old fights again & again ...

Btwn,do you remember HOW you'd behaved dumbed during asking me HOW to crete a blog,how to select a title ,how to post n sooo on!!!!

You've nature to TAKE/SEEK help frm everybody n then pretend as if it's ur thing!!!

IN SHORT: U can't face critisim n it's shows your weak nature,,,so learn to face crittisim wid praise!!!

HojO said...

the pple who in VERY STEP seeks help,ask for ALL scans of Phantom strips frm others openly,,,ask for praise him...he's a BIG TIME SUCKER!!

So,first check your intention!!!Btwn,can you face it or will hide wid THOSE "old fights"...that how I'd misbehaved wid CW/TPH etc once upon a time?? ;-/

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Dara, my intentions are very clear, and whatever i do with my blog, is my business! i have never commented in such fashion on ur blog! I had thanked you for ur support in forming my blog, but that dose't mean u can say whatever u want! So again i am repeating, if u want to comment, do it decently or just get lost!

HojO said...

if u want to comment, do it decently or just get lost!

Tell me,do your english sucks??When I'd said ANY bad words in your Blog???
I'd just said I didn't like ur quitting drama or these Flash comics,,,critising a bad comics does meant I abuse you or it's your fault???????
So, STOP IT,Sameer!!

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

this dara calls himself mandrake, but he is actually luciphor, cobra!
and beware, dara, alias sagnik alias cobra, try a blog fight with me, and u will repent! don't provoke me! Chandoba, CW, all know i am a decent person, but dont bring out the negative on me out, it will be very bad, so take care, baby!

HojO said...

Btwn,I don want to WARN you like you do...but,I HOPE you remembered HOW you have ABUSED verminly "SOME BODY" during chat wid me (in January)without any provocation n @ SAME TIME...I repeat,AT THE SAME TIME,You had PRAISE him openly in blogs n even EXCHANGED Ijcs even!!! :O


Bel me,it'll EXPOSE your TRUE nature,TRUE si-si inetntion TO EVERY BODY!!!AND YOU KNOW IT VERY WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.- Whenever I dislike/hate somebody,I'd always told him ON HIS FACE...I never did any double-stnd act!!!
When I'd fought wid TPH/CW I did it in BOTH way...in blogs n in mails(IT DON'T MEANT I DID RIGHT!!),,,,but NEVER did like,,,abusing in chats/mails n praising in blogs!!! huh...

HojO said...

and u will repent!


but dont bring out the negative on me out, it will be very bad, so take care, baby!

SAME HERE....so,don provoke me either....n take care you little baby

Ravi said...

Guys sorry 2 interfere. Can we please stop this as it is getting really personal.I my opinion you all are doing a gr8 job. I like all the comics which are being posted whether thaey are originals or whatever because they are my childhood heroes. I really dont give a damn whose publication is it. If I dont like it, I wll give it a miss but certainly wont criticise as some ones gonna like them. You cant expect people will post what you want as its meant for everybody. If one has their own choices then they should voice it in their own blogs.
May I suggest that bloggers dont comment on each other's bvlogs and leave it to us mortals. You guys are artists and you have volunteered to dislay your art and creations and NOT to judge each other. If you wanna post comments, please remain anonymous otherwise you all will end up having nervous breakdowns and it will be a gr8 loss to all of us.
You are busy hard working guys and you dont deserve this.
I am not taking any sides but I feel for you all as a doctor and friend.
Dara and sameer please make it up be4 it gets outa hand.
Here's a job 4u both. Please find out how the Phantom cigarette candies came to be associated with our hero as I reckon this is the only official Phantom merchandise I am aware of and Phantom being a life long non smoker how he or his copyright owners consented as it might be seen as encouraging smoking in children in this politically correct world.
Ravi Gokhale

HojO said...

I am not taking any sides but I feel for you all as a doctor and friend.

Doctor saab,
Your points are well understood & agreed!!!
I have already decide to NOT reply UNLESS I'm forced to...i promise!! :-)

Anyway,I differ wid ONLY one point...I WANT TO CLEAR: critising a bad comic is NOT LIKE ABUSING/CRITISING that blogger!!!!!......I AM A BIG FAN of Indrajals n that's why felt pain when see these craps like King/Charlton etc under the same banner...and,it's completely MY opinion....anyway,it's not a big deal!!

Hope I didn't offend you!


AJAY said...

It looks that persons who even can do any work themselves are merely commenting so badly . It looks they have never scanned any comics themselves . It is very difficult to get old comics , scanning & editing is very difficult . Once anybody is taking any trouble , if you can not give credit , pl do not spit venom publicly . Comments which are nasty in taste should be avoided & deleted just to keep blogs going. TCP closure was just the courtsey of such person , we should totally bycot such types of comments . some people are just born to give nasty comments , once they take trouble for others , only they then can understand others efforts. Whatever old comics they are getting free, it is due to someone's efforts only & pains taken by bloggers. as far as possible, personal comments should be deleted. Sudhanshu had clearly created one site only for spitting venoms like gali galuch .com like that, they can discuss this matter there only . If somebody does not like any comics, do not visit that blog if you can dare enough but free downnloading is possible so such nasty comments come & persons try to provoke others by nasty comments . Pl avoid such childlish behaviour publically , it is good for their house only

Krishna said...

I request everyone to stop fighting please. We all love comics. We are different from the rest. This is a place to be friendly. Phantom and Mandrake stand for honesty and peace- so please- no more fighting.
Just my 2 cents request
Dr Krishna

Ravi said...

Dear all
Lets make a rule shall we that bloggers are not allowed to comment on each others blogs. If they want, they can say a thing or two on their own blogs or comment anonymously. Let the readers decide about the quality of stuff being posted. You can't be judges and juries at the same time and keep all coments to your own bloggs.

WildMagic said...

I agree with Ravi! Taking potshots at each other quickly degrades the overall level of enjoyment for all involved.

The bloggers are doing a fantastic job, let each post what he likes. We show appreciation with constructive comments :)


Comic World said...

Dear Ravi i appreciates your interest taken in resolving a dispute but i disagree with you on making any rule which prohibits a blog author on commenting at other fellow blogger author.Ravi i am a avid comic reader and Indrajal fan first.....due to love for comics only i plunged into comblogging field so how can i drop my right and thirst for saying something about a comic which has been posted over other blog!!!
The solution doesn't lies in banning a blogger to comment on other blog..the solution is simple,just delete any such comment without any reply which is directed toward personal attack irrespective of its origin.

adibud34 said...

Hey Sameer, I hope you didn't get upset or something coz of my comment. I wasn't criticizing you or your blog - it was just that this particular Flash was very disappointing to me especially as it was an IJC. I was just shocked about how IJC published it in the first place!
About the cigarettes, I think in the 1980's or whenever, Cigarettes were not completely associated with lung cancer, so maybe that's why the Phantom Sweet Cigarettes came into vogue. Hmm....suddenly, I am craving a sweet Phantom cigarette :)

Ravi said...

Dear Abud34
Thanks for starting a new thread. Its my dept now. The association btn ciggys and Ca Lung is known for atleast 60 yrs if not more. Warnings were introduced in 60s and 70s in the Westrn World and ads/sponsorships banned from 80s onwards when multi million law suites were filed against tobaco giants in US.
All doctors in UK are expected to counsell patients about stopping and great brawny points.
Hope this is helpful.