Saturday, March 8, 2008

No quitting of the blog!!!

Dear Friends, I am extremely sorry for the post... actually, before posting, I had called up Chandoba and told him that I am going to post this and I am just joking! but honestly, my real intention was to just to get a real opinion about what people think about this blog and me... and I am feeling so relived that so many love this blog and talking about getting fed up, Never in this world will I get fed up by Indrajals....arre yaar, it is my oxygen!
I hope I am not sounding like I tried a publicity stunt! but one thing is sure, some anonymous visitors really felt that they should have been commenting! The real thing of expecting a comment is not that how many are praising you or leaving a " receipt" of a download but it joins one heart to another and that is what one expects! We are all posting for our own satisfaction, no expectation from it! so more the visitors comment, our friendship grows. is it wrong to expect more and more friends?
Well, to compensate for the mental trouble I gave to all of you, I will be posting a very nice surprise on monday, and I promise that I will not post anything like this in future, Indrajal Ki kasam! keep the love and keep comming!


HojO said...

I am not sounding like I tried a publicity stunt!

You did it & as I told in my prev. comments,I was 100% sure ONLY when I read abt your 'selling' Indrajals!!

It(selling Ijcs) may have baffled others,but honestly,it was the weakest point of such "COMMON JOKE"(yes,alredy 2/3 blog owners did it for some reasons or,you r NOT THE ONLY ONE!)

Anyway,I don think a mere thank you/keep it up comments can serve any good,except increse some numbers!!'s NEED TO be a real 'discussive' comments based on HUGE SCANS availble on-line!But alas....that'll NOT happen....YES,EVEN AFTER YOUR SUCH 'COMMON' TRICK!

Mark my word....after 1/2 weeks,again comments will back in the same numbers!!!


pattu said...

I'm afraid it looks like a publicity stunt and nothing else. Sorry I always took you for a mature guy. Didnt expect this from you.

I wonder if this act would bring in more comments or make people stay away.
Lik I said in my earlier post nothing is indispensible in this world. If one blogger quits (for real that is!) then someone would eventually take his/her place.

Anonymous said...

Glad you've reconsidered, Sameer.

Comic World said...

Sameer we can't force anybody to comment,its any body's good sense which make him/her to leave a comment.
Also the sort of comments where only a single line of thanks is dropped is certainly not a great moral booster for the blog author as eventually what i looks in the comments is a general or specific discussions about the comic,characters leading to a healthy and constructive discussion.
When these sort of inputs from visitors gets dried up then the enthusiasm slackness certainly creeps up in blogger.

HojO said...

I wonder if this act would bring in more comments or make people stay away.

Same here,Pattu!!
While,in one hand,'some' bloggers r really worried abt comments,you also can judge the attitude of visitors(so-called Ijc-lovers!) as well!!

I really WONDER who read these Indrajal Comics(scans)?? r they real Ijc-fans or just mere collector/general comic-lovers!!!

Look at the famous Phantom Phorum(where I'm a Member) where so much discussions r going on among fans(of both P/M),allthough there NO SCANS r available!!!
There NO body asks other to 'post' some Phantom/Mandrake strips or dare to COMPALIN(like our 'some' visitor,a self-claimed 'begger' constantly doing...shamelessly!) PF everybody manage to collect some scan/physical copy by themselves b4 enter in the discussion!!....still SO MUCH enthusim one can feel there!!!
We fight ,we agree or disagree,but at lst we PUT OUR VIEWS spontaneously n still don't expect any silly d/l link!!

IN SHORT: Friendship shud be in a equal 'emotional' level....where NO one think himself superior/inferior!!

Unfortunetly,it's something MISSING in our OWN blog-world! ;-/

adibud34 said...

Wow! I just read this post and the previous post - I'm sorry you felt so frustrated, but please don't quit on account of some freeloaders. I think some shameless people will keep downloading without leaving any comments - nothing can change that! Don't lose heart - your blog is a good one! :)

Anonymous said...

Anyway, I worte what I meant.
Keep it up... Dude.


Anonymous said...

u are doing a fantastic job . all my congrtatulations & thanks.

be in peace.


Anonymous said...

I can send you a spam daily for your comment greed . agree?

Indrajal Comics Club said...

come on people, it was just a joke,

he really called me before posting but said only about selling comics, not quitting..
as far as selling is concerned, i will take the blame on my head. some person( you know who)was constantly asking me for ijs spares, so i fed up and told him that i wish to sell my entire collection, that stupid guy thought that i'm talking seriously and asked me the price, i said 25000+3000 courier charges to his state, he said ok... then next day he called me and said he cant afford that much amount and will pay me 2000 month as installment..
then i said f### off.... give me the entire amount or forget... so, sameer was inspired by that,,!!!!

as far as quitting is concerned, pattu rightly said,,,

as far as comments are concerend, i have already expressed my views after my bro passed away.. and as dara rightly said, it doesnt matter if u get 100 comments or a single, its important that what u get...

so, people, give him a break.....

HojO said...

Chandu ji,
In our blog world,there's ONLY ONE person who is (in)famous for his constant/shameless demands for physical Indrajals n that too for (mostly) FREE or inlieu of his (annoying) friendship(it's NO's 'his' words)!!!!!,if that person is frm our B-world,everybody can guess who is he!! ;-)

Me, Myself & Me!! said...

Hello Sameer & all, You ppl too can count me in those anonymous visitors who constantly keep downloading & posting a few comments sometimes!! But,, yaar not everyone can b leader!! M glad, you are one among those fews> I can u/stand Dara's frustration too..People simply skip the discussion things and will D/L the comics only..Not all, but majority! In fact, not all read the comments also!! But it doesnt mean u stop ur work...Aftrall, its gonna giv u d biggest satisfaction urself! And, BTW, where is d Monday surprise? ;)

Anonymous said...

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