Friday, March 14, 2008

Indrajal # 48 The Phantom & the Magic Mountain

Dear Friends, this is just to say sorry to all of you!

I feel you all visit to get something interesting, some indrajal comic or a small chat! whatever has happened here in past few hours is a real disgusting thing for any Indrajal lover and blogger!

I respect the gentle intervention of our friend Dr. Ravi Gokhale, and from my end, I anounce a complete cease-fire! Dr Ravi has seen actual war in Iraq and knows the consequences, bus as is said, words are more piercing than an arrow, this should stop and we will continue the peaceful work we have been carrying out and also which is our main motive: spread the love for Indrajals and make people happy!

Also regarding the scans and the credit : since I am unaware of who has done the painstaking job, I have always mentioned that since Sudhanshu was generous enough to give me a DVD of scans, he is the original source as far as I am concerned, so naturally I thank him! I have also posted some comics which are my own scans & Clicks. Anyway, whomsoever has scanned, I thank that anonymous from my heart, but also one should be happy that his painstaking work is being made public due to somebody's efforts, without any expectation! If anyone knows who is the person who scanned all the comics I have posted so far, he can tell me his name, I will be obliged to praise him, but if I am unaware who has done it, what can i mention? anyway, let us resume to our main objective and enjoy life, as it is more important than any thing else.....

Posting this as a friendly gesture, unknowning who has scanned this.....

A very interesting story of our hero! I specially thank TPH for publishing the updated list of posted IJCs till feb end. It is the most difficult task of collecting data, compiling it an dpublishing it so that we all do not repeat! Hats off!!

Download comic:


Indrajal Comics Club said...

who is this sudhanshu btw, he appears in yr every post ... who is he ???? shud we all know him?)))).. does he have any ijs? would like to exchange with him,,, can u introduce me to him?

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Well, this Sudhanshu is a big big fan...oops! a big "AC" of Indrajals. He lives in Mumbai and frequently visits;no, Raids Pune and carries along with him great treasures of Indrajal comics! if you want to meet him, stop and look around... if you see a mirror around 3 feet wide and 6 feet tall, you can find him there..but take care, he may introduce himself to you as Chandoba! :)

Indrajal Comics Club said...

hahahahah, 3 feet wide??? salya, thamb yeto atta tithe ani marto bagh tujhi )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


Indrajal Comics Club said...
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Indrajal Comics Club said...


Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Sudhanshu, I wanted to say you are afriend who welcomes everybody with wide spread hands, so if you see, three feet make you very very thin? hahahahahahahahah!
ani "marto bagh tuzi" mhanu nakos, lokana kharach watel ki to "mate" kartos hehe!

Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

Anonymous said...

I came across this torrent file containing about 375 indrajal comics . Most of them have been published in various blogs. I'm giving the link hoping if the blogger come to know of the file they could prevent repetition of the comics found in it.

Krishna said...

My most favorite comic has been done by you! Kudos to you. Hope you have many more of this lineage? Waiting ---------------

pattu said...

Thanks for IJC 48 and the triple Bonanza, Sameer. Glad to see normalcy restored in your blog.

WildMagic said...


अणखी एक मस्तं comic!!

पण हाे. चांदाेबा चं मात्र एक खरं आहे. पूणेरी-पूणेकर म्हणजे एकदम crazy :))


Anonymous said...

Sameer you have been a regular visitor to all other blogs consisting of TCP,CW,ICC and TPH before you started your own blog.On all of the above mentioned blog the majority of comics posted were scanned/arranged by Ajay Mishra and this information has been mentioned on all those blog many times.
The DVDs which you got from ICC were sent to him by Ajay Mishra who previously sent them also to TCP,CW,many friends and now perhaps to TPH also.
So how come you doesn't know the original source of 'those' comics??
What stops you to mention Ajay's name on your blog,why you don't want to give him his deserving credit!!!!!
I am sorry to say that the excuse which you have gave of being ignorant of 'original source' is a very lame excuse.
ICC will you come forward to tell Sameer officially that the 'original source' is none other than Mr.Ajay Mishra,who deserves all credit.
And Ajay you were being worshiped as a Demi-God on the blogs before you took a physical reincarnation and asked for some petty favor from some blog authors who were quick enough to dethrone you from the post of Demi-God because of your 'worldly' acts.

adibud34 said...

Thanks for the comic, Sameer. BTW - some dude has posted some spam in the comments - the post that goes see here, and here....that looks like a spammed message.

Ravi said...

Hi Sameer
Thanks for your comments. I just did what any1 would have or should have done. You have shown that your heart is in the right place. Lets move on and enjoy our childhood memories.I think we shouldnt worry too much about insisting on giving or taking credit because everybody's involved especially when something is posted in the public domain for free.Sorry I could be wrong here but I think its up to the creditor to seek credit if they want or if they think they deserve and not for others to get involved. I don't want to start another controversy here and I expect many of you may not endorse this view.
This is an old Phantom storey and thanks for posting.

pattu said...

Dear Sameer,

Anon is right. Credits where creidt is due. In your earlier posts you have thanked Mishraji and ICC. (Phantoms ring post and others)

Why say I dont know who has scanned these now? You seem to be a changed man these days. Is everything all right?

Ravi:I dont seehow "I think its up to the creditor to seek credit "

If that is the case can you just take any information from anywhere and use it without giving credit and wait for the original source to object/approve your doing?

What you say is quite silly.

At least Sameer at present wants to give credit to his Sudhanshu and our ICC.

Krishna said...

Everyone is becoming less tolerant of many things. The fuse is becoming shorter. I think we should stop accusing people and blaming, Its between the blogger and the original scanner. The rest ought to be polite and be involved with discretion. There is no point in such fights. Just my 2 cents worth. I hope another fight does not start again.

Krishna said...

With regard to my earlier post I failed to mention that due credit should be given to anyone, but there is no point in breaking out into a fight for this- is what I am saying as fights seem to break out very easily.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

BTW, Sudhanshu is half crazy, because he also has a home in Pune!!!

Ok, friends, I accept my mistake about the credits! I f Ajay Mishra has scanned all the comics which are there on the DVD given to me by Sudhanshu, I will make a point to mention his name everytime. If someone has taken efforts, he is the right one to be applauded and given credit. Dear Ajay, sorry if I have not mentioned, but i will make sure i do next time. Also, now onwards, I will make it point to scan my own collection and post, so there is no such issue, since I own around 625+ Indrajals.

Still, whomsoever is this "anonymous", should have been brave enough to type his name at the bottom....

Krishna, Sagar, Thanks for ur happiness!

Grouchy, I promise henceforth, my blog will be a peaceful place for everybody.

Krishna, I respect your statements and duly confirm, no fights, whatsoever, only happiness will prevail from my end. Today all of you , along with Dr Ravi Gokhale are working like the Phantom and I feel I am fighting like Chief of Llonto or Wambesi or maybe the Headhunters!!

pattu said...

Dear Sameer,

Clarificatrions have been provided. So let put this all behind and move forward.
You are correct anon should have put his name. He seems to be a person quite familiar with happenings in the blogs.

Krishna: Fights begin when one one does not make his/her opinion clarly. Its all very well to be a comic lover and to be opinionated about many things. However if we are not able to clearly state ones opinions then misunderstanding and and clashes ensue.

Sameer writes clearly, Ravi writes clearly you write clearly and I hope I try to be clear. Therfore I cant see a fight amongst us at least (:))

When a person with a limited vocabulary is eager to express his opinion, my experience is, personal abuse is preferred to reasoning and this leads to a fight almost everytime.

Enough said. Lets get back to comics. The torrent file posted is geninue. I am curently downloaing it. Its also posted by an anon. Please come forward so that we can thank you.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


it seems that u r taking very much interest in our indrajal community...thanks for "commenting"

are you someone we know very well?
do u remember "ravi satpathy" or astitava sharma"????,, anyway...forget it..

for your kind information.. the credit doesnt go to ajay misra solely....

all these comics are copyrighted by
1 king features

all these comics are owned by
1 Mr vinit ibraham
2 bhoopathy
3 prasant gupta
4 ajaymisra

all the comics have been scanned by (talking aBOUT ONLY DVD)

1 ajay misra -- mostly
2 bhoopathy
3 prashant
4 desiguru

all these comics have been on the blogs by various bloggers
1 Tcp
2 cw
5 AA
6 TPH (currently)
7 Sameer
8 Dara

these all must be given credits, if any credit has to be given atall...

nobody is gaining anything from this...

i think ajay will also agree with this.. so, i request the "original" scanner to come forward and clear the things


i think u r wrong...
what u said
can you just take any information from anywhere and use it without giving credit and wait for the original source to object/approve your doing?

is this applicable here?

is ajay original source here?

no.. my dear sir, TOI (r KFS for that matter ) is whole and sole owner of these comics.. did "original scanners" take permission of TOI while scanning all these comics?
legally, u cant give/take credits to for the thing which is not yours!!!!

we all shud understand that all these people have taken lots of efforts ( all the poeople i mentioned above)all are related to each other...

if vineeth/bhoopathy had not purchsed those comics, ajay could not have scanned them...
if ajay hadnt scanned them, we couldent have posted on our blog ( as tcp wud have closed down very early and we could not have had inspiration to collect or start a blog)
if we had not posted, thousand of people couldnt have downloaded them...

we all are in a same boat, pattu...

and by the way, i dont want any credit.. i have always mentioned clearly on my blog...

pattu said...

Dear ICC,

I agree with that you have said. I dont we need to be reminded that TOI published Ijcs! My point is that the original scanner if known should be credited. Of course you, Ajay are good people and wont mind. But that is not the point. Its okay to post from a DVD.All I am saying is an attempt should be made to find the scanner and give him/her credit (the past history of the comic who got it from where etc is not expected by me.If provided it would make interesting reading though!).
Sameer did do this in his initial posts. The change in tone was surprising and hence I wrote what I wrote.

Anyway Sameer has clarified his stance and I would like to let it go.

Every day your blogs are seen by many new people. I would take it for granted that scans from the DVD would be one of those pioneers you mentioned because I am a oldhand here. Credit is only for the newcomers. Believe me it makes a difference.

As for the identity of anon hmm... ineteresting speculation :)

Krishna said...

Ok so no more fights! no ego clashes, No more on this topic. Sameer whats the next post going to be? lets move forward without retaining anything

AJAY said...

This comics was scanned by me only. Most of comics which are below #300 have been scannedby me only & some of sotries have been scanned by Bhoopathy say around 10 stories. I had given all thse scans on DVDs to different persons . Comics which are below #300 & scanned by others can be counted on fingres only like #2 etc . I hope whichever blog is publishing these, everybody should enjoy them without any fighting on blogs .

Anonymous said...

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