Friday, April 3, 2009


My dear friends, visitors, downloaders and commentors:
After what happened in the past two days and discussions with the Elephants of Comic Bloggers, especially Indrajal Community like ICC, MTM, Books & Comics, and all other pillars of the community.....I recalled a proverb, which says that Elephants stride in their own way, neglecting the barking dogs.....I have decided to go on with posting, whether some one is stealing it or not...This posting decision, which i have taken, is only for those sinciere and regular visitors who knowingly or unknowingly are the suppoters of our blogs. Based on the emails i received in past few 48 hours, I feel that just because of one person, I SHOULD NOT TAKE AWAY THE HAPPINESS OF THE 100-200 VISITORS who visit my blog regulary.
I am sorry for deleting the mediafire links, but here are those links from rapidshare....high resolution original links from VENKIT....not only that, I am adding 2 more Bahadur comics...
So Friends, I am blogging right away as if nothing had happened!

I understood what ICC rightfully said....don't advertise someone when he wants it free... So, Enjoy the posts and you will always be my visitors....
A 5 star restaurant does not close down, if a hawker outside the Restaurant is selling Bhajji and wadapav....the customer of a 5 star hotel is a VIP.....a customer of the hawker is a person "only wearing a VIP" :0)
( sometimes i feel, i should have been a poet or a script writer :))) )
and I am sure, I have all VIPs as my vistors..infact, all visitors to my blog areVVIp for me and will remain, always!!
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Satjit said...

Well said, Sameer & Welcome back! An original will always remain an original and as the proverb goes "Imitation is the best form of flattery." :) Special Thanks to you and Venkit for all your efforts behind these uploads.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Satjit, you were constantly logging and waiting for me to change and post something....and i know you have been waiting since noon...hats off to your patience! friends like you are always the support of bloggers like me! thanks and keep the support!!

KK said...

It is sad that one stupid idiot thought he was doing the right thing... I am going to go give him some now..

But thanks to people like Sameer, Venkit, Ajay and all the other bloggers in a close knit family we were having such a good time.. cherishing our childhood memories.. and in comes a s^&thead to spoil it

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Did you try the link protect thingy that Madhubala wrote about in Prabhat's blog?

Did it work?

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

The "Ill-fated Outlaws" is actually a Bela comic rather than a Bahadur one. She has all the action scenes.

Maybe someone can make it into a movie with Sameer's screenplay;o)

adibud34 said...

Awesome Sameer! Good to see you blogging again!

Rafiq Raja said...

Way to go Sameer... Good to see someone standing against the stealing of links, by continuing to do what they came here for.

Hopefully, others will be back, and the rodent would be dealt with its destiny down the gutter :)

Thanks to Venkit for the 3 Bahadurs and 1 Bela Posts :)


kuldeepjain said...

great post Sir..

i have been waiting for this bahadur 'sword of honour' since long..

thanks for posting..

jyothiprakash said...

Great job Sameer. You are absolutely right - As the great showman once said "The show must go on"! I admire your resilience! I was reminded of a lesson from my school text book about Tilak - where he urges his followers to protest not by going on Strike, but by working more than usual! This is great way to shame the mangy culprit responsible for all this turmoil!

Krishna said...

Great job Sameer. We should fight with equals. He is not our equal.

pattu said...

Yes Way to Go Sameer. Many thanks Venkit. Let us hope the blogging returns to normaly in a day or two while PMs blog folds. The coomunity can show its solidarity by downaloding comics and commenting in the original blogs only. I hope everyone cooperates.

Many thanks

vishy said...


Gopal said...


This is the first sensible post that i have seen in the last few days about the Peeyoush Mishra imbroglio. My respect, which was already high for you, has gone up ten fold!!

It was extremely disheartening to read the low cheap levels that many fans and bloggers had reached with the absuses, name calling extending to family etc.

I feel that the constant desire that bloggers have for traffic is quite silly. Because it in no way shows how many actually read it. Most simply come to the page, scroll down to the links and download the file and leave.

Mandrake the magician ( must be getting tremendously high visits because he never posts the links the same day, so people visit the page many many times over the next few days to see if the link is posted. is a blog that i visit only once per file but i always read the whole page because it is always interesting. So which is the better blog?

One that i acutally read or one that i visit 10-12 times per file to see if the link is up?

So gauging the popularity of a blog offering downloads by visits is nonsensical. Gauging it by the download statistics is more meaningful to see popularity.

At an earlier time when i last wrote at one of the other blogs, i had said the same thing. If the main purpose of all Indian comics scanners and bloggers is popularising and distributing the scans then all they should actually be interested in the count of downloads per file and only that. Statistics don't lie. All scanners should focus only on that and feel happy that their downloads have increased. Which means that more people are enjoying the fruits of their labour.

The warm feeling that you will get when you realise that you have made so many happy, made people relive their chilhood, in so many countries is the reward that you seek and not site meter counts or comments saying thank you.

i request other bloggers to also follow Sameer and restart posting their scans and not to do silly things like closed lists, passwords, link protectors, email lists, invitation only lists etc.

The beauty of the internet is that if something is popular then long after these blogs are gone the fantastic work that all of you are doing will always be perpetuated via other modes like torrents, public folders, DVDs, portable media etc.

That is the true tribute that all you scanners will get forever.



Comic World said...

Sameer,right step taken by you.I appreciate and will also follow the same.Let's not distracted by net theft,as they are common in cyber world.
we can put our stamps or water marks on our scans which point towards the original source hence can defeat the evil motives of net theifs.

PBC said...

"A 5 star restaurant does not close down, if a hawker outside the Restaurant is selling Bhajji and wadapav....the customer of a 5 star hotel is a VIP.....a customer of the hawker is a person "only wearing a VIP" :0) "

Well said. :)))

I was not going to stop. Well done! I don't removed the links. After a discussion, I also come to conclusion to post openly. I even don't wait for comments. Due to 1, why rest friends should suffer. Now all protested and even some out of limits comments will not stop, what to say. :)))

My blogs format is extended from start, I started posting IJC on the contributors demand only. Glad to see people love IJC and this 2 second blogging is not going to harm this community & those who are concentrated on IJC only & have power in pens. Cheers!

Amith Nag said...

Bravo Sameer! Nice to see you putting all the unpleasant last 2-3 days behind and back with more comics...
BTW - the 5-star hotel bajji shop thing reminded me of Govinda's Dulhe Raja movie :P

Jai said...

Three cheers to Samir.
Welcome back.
As always ' life is good' LG my dear LG :)
Now with Prabhat back and you too, my week end is really made.
Thanks a crore.

Unknown said...

Sameer Bhau,

what to say , Once upon a time a thought of starting a blog and collecting all the links of my favourite comics and posting them at one place. It is easy, because I have a easy access to what is uploaded still now. But, Will my blog be that worth as you all? I asked myself. When I am able to contribute, only then and then I will uploaded my scans and as well as those i stole(downloaded !) from you all. All in good faith.

silly me, I don't have the patience and willingness to do all this with the dedication you all original comic bloggers do. So you are safe from my side. :)

Happy blogging,Take the world in your stride Dinesh, I mean Sameer Bhau.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

I really love this "PM" guy. He has posted the 3 Frew Phantoms and the 2 latest Bahadurs on his blog. He has stopped all comments. In addition, he asks everyone to post anything for him in all your blogs. Is this his way of ensuring traffic to your blogs, I wonder!

pattu said...

PM is surely something!! After 100+ comments in his blog, he says he will get the message from other blogs! This is funniest thing I have heard in days!! Ha! Ha!

Here is a nice message: STOP POSTING COPIED LINKS!!!

Simple person in a complex world said...

Have the following comics been published by anyone online?
1) Mandrake-The Sacred City of Gold
2) Phantom - The Doomed Captives
3) Flash - Ming's Deadly Trap
4) Phil - The Frozen Death
5) Phantom - Witch of the Misty Mountains
6) Mandrake - The Hideous Underworld
7) Mandrake - The Magic Spells, part 1 & 2
8) Bahadur - The Vortex of Crime
9) Phil - Mystery of the Moon Island
10) Phantom - Beyond the River of Fire
11) Bahadur - The Call of the Valley
12) Mandrake - The Innocent Victims
13) Phantom - The Consipiring Witchmen
14) Phantom - The Test of Fire
15) Phantom - Gigantic beast
16) Dara - Veiled Secret

I'd be really thankful. Please email me the links at or leave as comment here.

Prabhat/Ajay/Sameer and others, you are doing a great work. Keep this up.