Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Friends, I will takes some pictures of my ijc collection and post it here, like Chandoba...but only thing stopping me is, I dont have that #1 which ICC always posts in either as a full comic, covers, or sometimes the inner pages...just to tease us mean of you, chandoba..showing a chocolate to others and eating it... (abe bacche ki jaan legaa tu..?)

but i have faith in god almighty, some day,, my blog WILL post the news of having my own "IJC #1 "the phantom's belt"....Ummeed pe duniya kayam hei dosto...kahin ummeed hi kaym na rahe jaye....but i an sure i will get it!

Meanwhile, Our friend VENKIT is back with a Bahadur duoand he has also promised two more Bahadur IJC in coming days.

Continuing the Bahadur legacy:

Volume 22_4 : The Big Three of Kanakpur & Volume 22_16: The Slave Runners

VENKIT sent me Rapidshare files. I feel some people still have a problem downloading it there
and above all, the file size was double than what is now. Keeing the same image quality, I have resized the images. ( hope VENKIT wont mind) for everybody's ease. hope you guys aapreciate this.
Download Mediafire :
The Big Three of Kanakpur :
The Slave Runners:


PBC said...

Thanks Venkit & Sameer!

Pls post high quality links too.

Satty said...

Big Thanks for these scans and I'll second Prabhat's request for the HQ links :)

Indrajal Comics Club said...


Saale. mere collection ko teri nazar lag jayegi -)))))

yes, i am also praying to god, allah, and rest to give you no 1
if they can;t give, then i will give you mine against all your daily and sunday collection -00))

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Dear Mr. Mishra,

I welcome you to the blog world.

I have a request : you should have intimated me about adding my link to your blog..

.it shows you are posting these, as there is no mention of my blog or posting anywhere.

This hampers people from comming to my blog for any things i want to share with them.

So there are two options you have: either just post the link to my blog...and not the posts on my blog.

second option: you totally remove my link or any posting from your blog.

hope you cooperate.

pattu said...

Dear Prabhat,

Fearless commander part 1 seems to be broken. Kindly check.

pattu said...

Something funny just happend. I type a long comment about Peeyoush's new blog and look at what blogger posted above!!!

pattu said...

Anyway, Peeyoush, I dont think you understand whata mirror site is. Prabhat posted comics at esnips an entirely new source which would come in handy if mediafire folds. Posting someones links is illogical. A simple google search would lead anyone to these blogs and not to yours since you are new. I dont see the point. I suggest you get a new idea to get followers and visits. Sorry

pattu said...

Visting different blogs, thanking the uploaders and contributers is a duty of each downloader. By putting all new links in once place you are helping the free loaders who will not aprreciate what being done. Why should someone thank Sameer and Venkit in your blog? He/she should do so in Sameers blog.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Sameer & Venkit: Thanks for providing the scans of Bahadur comics. I totally agree with you folks.
Grouchy: Thanks for putting things into perspective, that's exactly my point. Peeyoush's blog serves only those who are there to download and would have no incentive to check each blog to recognise the efforts of the contributor and blogger who have done all the work to make the comic or strips available.

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