Monday, April 20, 2009

Bahadur : Volume 26-30 & Volume 26_35

And VENKIT's Bahadur legacy continues.......

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Rafiq Raja said...

I just read that comment, and knew that you would be reproducing it in the blog. The comment deserves all the accredition it gets, but not least than the effort you have put towards bringing the Phantom's Early years at the Golden hands of Lee Falk.

Life's Effort... I truly agree.. Thanks once again Sameer.

By the way, thanks for another bahadur double treat.

Herge said...

All right man! So you gave printed Dailies and Sundays. So everyone thanked you. Wonderful. Stop blowing your own trumpet and move on.

Stop publishing testimonials like a business man!

I think you are one of those charectars who wants to feel important all the time.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Dear Rafiq Raja,

I reproduced the comment because i felt people who love comics, always express their feelings in many ways...this one i felt, was a straight one from the heart, so posted it.
and it is not only my effort, you guys have to support me from the opposite side.
Thanks dear!!

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Mr. C : whoever you are without a name, I have all rights to publish here what i feel since it is my own blog.

I dont think i am blowing my trumpets nor i feel like giving any testimonials like businessmen, because i feel have already proven it and people know it.

infact, i am just posting the feelings and reactions of my friends who have helped me in fulfilling my small effort of making people have such a rare treasure.

I may be any character, if you feel so, please reveal ur clear identity rather than commenting like a "shady character"

iman said...

Thnaks buddy for the new posts!

FOReverCOMICkid said...



i wish aftr all the IJCs u start digging all the


adibud34 said...

Thanks Sameer for the Bahadurs! They were both pretty good - I actually have the haunted fort, but hadn't read the other one!

Well, Mr.'s not really a testimonial, it's just a comment that's been highlighted in a post... anyhow, it's Sameer's blog, so he can pretty much do what he wants right? Chillax! :)

Herge said...

Why assume it is Mr. C?! My name is Mrs. Celia D' Souza. I am orginally from Goa. I am sure you can do what you want in your blog. I am letting you know how it comes across to me. Maybe other dont share my view. Can't help that.

As I said what you did deserved appreciation. But when keep harping on it for the last couple of posts like you did it sounds to me like you are blowing your trumpet.

Cant expect you to see my point just like you cant expect me to change my view.

adibud34 said...

Oops, I'm sorry Mrs. D'Souza. I fell into the trap of gender association - sorry about that! It's just that since your profile had nothing on it, I guess I thought it was somebody else. Sorry about that, again! :)

Well, viewpoints will differ - you are absolutely right! But well.... no harm done, I guess!

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Well, I think I ought to get some of your printed Phatom dailies free, because your last two posts which contained "blowing your own trumpet", as Ms.D'Souza put it, were adorned with my scans of 5 Bahadur comics:-)). Add to it that you did not even give me credit for the scans!

No hard feelings. All in jest only.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Hey VENKIT ! oh, man, I am so sorry...I forgot to mention it in this post about ur contribution.

but firstly, I have correceted it. and secondly, you have been mentioned on my blog as a permanent contributor...see above my profile :))

and in the last post of triple treat, I HAVE mentioned you cearly.

and above all, I said in the current post, :"the bahadur legacy continues" so it means it yaar...:))

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Like I said, it was all in jest. Anyway, the Bahadur & IJC legacy will continue till all 803 comics are available online.

So look out!

Unknown said...

Hi Sameer,

I saw this post on the printing of Phantom Dailies & thought it is never late to acknowledge the efforts.

Both the dailies & sundays are of extremely fine quality & worth every moment spent waiting for them. The best part is that they are all sequentially arranged from 1st to last strip. A real treat i must say.
Thanks again for providing the opportunity to own them.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Hey Venkit,

after Bahadur, what next ?

i think we all squeezed out the honey from them the comb too quickly.....

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...


Thanks Pal! I was awaiting your response from a long time...

So you also joined the "proud owners group"....:))

FOReverCOMICkid said...

hi sameer,

long time n no new upload .
what happend ... ?
or is it just the anticlimax ... :>

i was wondering if you can help me in gtting the following

V22N23 The Predator Star Mandrake
V23N07 The Scheming Sharks Mandrake
V23N45 The Whispering Shadows Bahadur
V24N02 The Island of No Return Mandrake
V24N05 The Price of Revenge Bahadur
V24N21 The Lost City of Jewels 1 Mandrake
V24N22 The Lost City of Jewels 2 Mandrake
V24N35 The Guilty Meddler Mandrake
V24N48 The Brewing Treachery Bahadur
V25N26 The Calunge Beach Bahadur
V25N33 The Clutches of Greed Bahadur
V26N15 The Bonded Slaves Flash
V26N32 The Deadly Intrigue Flash
V26N38 The Ghastly Encounter Bahadur

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Sameer, did you also receive a cease and desist notice, like the one Prabhat was mentioning?

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

@ForeverComicKid -
All these will come in due time.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

What happened to your photo? Is this a reaction to the "Cease and Desist" notice?

Unknown said...

Thanks sameer for the Bahadur Comics

Anonymous said...

Dear Friend!
Unfortunately all bahadur comic links are down. please upload it.