Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Indrajal # 353 Phantom: Mystery of the sunken treasure

A Phantom treasure from my Cave of Treasures!

I would like to say a few things here about the happenings in past few days... I received an email of another indrajal fan, Mr. Sandeep Gogate from sahakarnagar, Pune on 1s of Feb 2008. I called him on his cell and he turned out to be a bigger fan than me! The most astonishing thing is here:His father, almost the age of 65-67, was even a bigger fan of Indrajals!!! He talked with me about all the characters and especially the head of family, The Phantom, for hours! He showed me the diffrent aspects like: The Phantom never Kills, He is very modest, he always drinks milk... and all the stories of his short but great life.... man, i was shocked, I was thinking, the madness of indrajal is limited to age 25-45, but i admitted, i have to add these (25+45 =70) !! He had preserved all comics in his locker, safer than money & ornaments! He gave me around 43 Indrajals, which i was lacking, just by seeing that i had a huge collection and those were my missing links! He did not ask any exchange, but i gave him some of mine. This Hindi version is his gratitude and my clicks! The english version is by Ajay Mishra, given to me by Chandoba! friends, this is only one small coin from our lost treasures! How many such treasure holders are there in the world, god knows! hope to find all of them, some day! This comic i dedicate to the dedication of SANDEEP GOGATE!
In almost a month when i started posting, i have around 2800+ visitors, and 1000+ Woldwide visitors! I would like to make an appeal to all: Guys, you are most welcome to visit and download everyting here! but if u can leave a message or ur email contact, I can send u more stuff! 700+ downloads have been recorded! so please keep coming and it would be sweet if you can leave your mark here. I would really appreciate it!

Download English Version: http://www.mediafire.com/?1lbe15n4ix3


Anonymous said...

Nice comic. Thanks. Both to you and Mr Gogate's father.

The artwork appears to be rather old. I guess it would be prior to Sy Barry's time, right?

- Ruchi.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Sameer. The cover brings back a fond memory. I'll be reading this comic after a long time.

Chatur Cheeta said...

Thanks for the comic to you and Ajay Mishra.

Please convey my regards to Mr Gogate's father.

As desired I shall be contacting you via e-mail shortly.

By the way the last page ie. page no.23 is corrupt in the rar file.
And I am still waiting for the english version of the Marathi comic posted by you.

Comic World said...

The magic of Indrajal (read Phantom) is above genre and its proved by your pleasing experience.I wish to appeal all such 'veteran' comic collectors to 'will' their legacy in proper deserving hands so that it can be preserved and carried over to next generation comic lovers.
I have myself seen such incidents where after the collector his 'treasure' were dumped as garbage by his ignorant family members and a invaluable 'wealth' was lost.

pattu said...

That is a great story. What was the oldest IJc that the 'father' had ? Thanks for posting both versions simulataneously. This is in the tradition of CW.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sameer
Thanks for your tireless efforts due to which we the general public can remind ourselves of our childhood. Please accept from gratitude for all your hard work.
You can contact me at suraj_swing@yahoo.com
THanks again much

Anonymous said...

Hi Sameer
This is a great Phantom storey.
Looks like senior generation is coming out of woodwork and admitting their obscession with Phantom. When I was a kid of 9 or 10 year old in the late sixities we had a herarchial rule in our house. The bi-weekly Indrajals would be delivered on evry other Monday afternoon by the paperwala when we kids used 2be at school. It was almost certain that my uncle who was the most senior and respected figure in our house would grab the comic and we won't probably see it until next day as he some times would take it with him to his office. Then it would be my auntie, my elder cousin (chulat bhau)who was elder than me by 4 years followed by me and then my younger cousin. There was a time when this one year younger cousin of mine some how managed to patau the paperwala to deliver the comic a bit early which he cleverly hid for a couple of days and was in big trouble when my uncle found out.
Yes I tried my best to look after my comics but because of my altristic tendencies like taking it to school for my friends etc I could not keep all the numbers and I regret it. The worst thing I did was got whatever issues I had bound together by a printer which really destroyed them.
I am indeed indebted to all you guys and people like Mr Gogate who are willing to share their treasures with us all and you guys taking the trouble to scan it which is quite a laborous task and post it.
Sameer i would like to meet you if its alright when I come to Pune hopefully later this year. My tour in Iraq finishes next month and i am trying to come to Pune by the end of the year.
Ravi Gokhale

Me, Myself & Me!! said...

Hi sameer! nice work frnd! but what happened to that dailies n sundays strips printing? I hope, you are still considering that! :)

adibud34 said...

Thank you for this comic, Sameer! It'll be nice to read!

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Ruchi: u r right! its an old artwork, i will try to figure out who has done it. Thanks for being the first one! actually, ICC was first, but he commented on phone,directly!

Deb,Thanks! feels good when we can be a small spark to ignite somebody's fire of happiness!

Chatur Cheeta: pl email, i will be happy to interact! also, i will rpost the corrupt file again tomm.I sahll definitely convey all u people's regards to Mr. Gogate!

CW: Thanks! btw, ur courier has not yet reached me! can u pl. confirm it?

Grouchy: I always follow the leader's paths! and also try to have some pavements of own. You will see that some day i will post an ijc in English, Hindi & Marathi as well! The oldest on i got was #199: The Bridge Busters.

Suraj: Thanks yaar! feels really great! I remember the song by Yesudas, which has the following lines: " Suraj na ban paaye to, banke deepak chalta chal... Phool mile ya angaarey, sach ki rahoon pe chalta chal" ( the starting is, "Maduban khushbu deta hai...)
Shall contact u on email asap.

Ravi Gokhale: What an experience in ur childhood! but good to know that a whole family adores what we adore! PL. come back from Iraq asap! Email me or call me when u come and we will definitely meet!
my No.: 9823221014

Shushant: I have not forgotte, but since the response was poor, the costing is beyond limits... i am thinking on an alternative system..

Adibud: thanks a lot! Keep coming!

Comic World said...

Sameer speed post will be reaching soon,sometimes it takes a couple of days delay with our Indian 'speed post',since you are having its receipt scan too hence can track it on India Post site otherwise i will be tracking it but 1st let wait and see for some more time.

Tracer Bullet said...
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Unknown said...

Here, firstly I'd like to thank you for the great achieve and your efforts are really highly appreciable.
I'm a great fan of the GHOST WHO WALKS and always wanted to read about him more and more and more.
You are a great source and I had downloaded all the content from your blog. Thanks again for the offerings!!

Do you have any more of Fantom's comics or the link of places where I can find them?

Plz. inform me if you have and you'll always be adored by me.
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

sanju said...

I am new one in this fan club. I m also big fan of Indrajal comics from chilhood. I m now 31 yrs , but still dreaming about Chalta Firta Pret. I am looking for all the old Indrajal comics of Fantom in Hindi. Can anybody help me in same.

sankha.nb said...

Indrajal comics are available today? where? can anybody provide me the link?I would be grateful!



Anonymous said...

Dude amazing !! I am a huge fan of phantom and indrajal. Do you have any clue from where I can acquire indrajal comics in pune ??? I am a FE student from VIT pune. I used to visit every raddhiwala shops in thane, my hometown in search for these relics. Now it seems that they have vanished. No one seems to know where I can get them at cheap rates. Can you help me out ?-shantanu samant