Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indrajal Comic # 247 Sultana the Indian Robinhood

Dear Friends,
Extremely sorry for the long Gap. Actuall i was so busy in my college activities, and we were successful in publishing our annual magazine in a record 8 days!

I am posting this rare comic, owned by me in physical copy form and the scans are my originals! Cover has been sent by Chandoba.
An interesting story about this comic: In the course of searching indrajals, i got this at a raddiwala along with other IJCs. It was without cover, but the artwork was written by GOVING BRAMHANIA, so i kept it with me. after a few days, i literally dumped it in a basket, thinking it as a general comic, but as luck would have it, i saw the covers posted by Chandoba and i was shocked to learn that it was an IJC! I hastily restored it and even Chandoba does not have it! So enjoy this rare gem. The story is quite interesting.


Comic World said...

Welcome to the arena after a long gap,and nice choice of comic too.I am also having this one and was thinking to post from a long time but you did it early.

Anonymous said...

Thank you... and congrats! on your success of publishing the magz.
I was just wondering if your next comic post will be the English version of the Marathi comic that your posted on Jan 28th :)

Anonymous said...

FYI - read this in one of the site -
"Just a reminder that this Sunday (the 17th) is the Phantom's birthday. The strip made it's first appearance on the 17th of Fed 1936 making the Ghost 72 years young."

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

CW: thanks for the visit!

Sanjana: thanks u very very much! Whichever comic i post next, i will post the english version of that 28 jan post, especially for u!
Anonymous: pl. give ur name, man, so i know whom i am thanking!
but anyway, thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sameer.