Thursday, February 7, 2008

IJC: Vol. 26_05 The Sting of Viper Part I

For the First time, i am posting a two-part comic :
A Phantom delite: STING OF VIPER Part I

Also, I am posting all Cadbury Gems ads, as I found them very interesting and wished it in my childhood to eat so many of them as well as make these designs, but as the saying is: you can either have the cake or eat it", i ate them all!! Col. Worobu, this post is especially for u. Hope you Enjoy it!

cadbury gems ads: ( Collected from IJC # 109 to Vol 21_35 )


adibud34 said...

Thanks a lot for this comic, Sameer! Yea!!! I'm the first to comment twice on your blog now! :D

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Keep up the toppers list, amn! always welcome! did u like the gems ads?

pattu said...

Thanks for the comic Sameer and for the Ads. Having an art exhibition for Ijc like Tintin is a great idea. However Tintin and Asterix have stood the test of time and young children would visit and contribute to the Tintin exhibit. I know many kids who dont know who Phantom is! Only us in the late 20s and 30s and 40 would have to contribute. But not many would have preserved old artwork. They would have start all over which would be a problem I think!

adibud34 said...

The gems ads are good - but the ones I mostly remember from my childhood are the ones that featured "Gems Bond". I don't know when those started though!

AJAY said...

Sameer , when you have to post two part story, kindly take pains to post both parts together , it will be very nice to download full story in one time. I think, most of readers will agree on this. I remember when Indrajal was publishing stories in parts , time lag between two parts was difficult to bear ,so i can think of readers mind now.

Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Daera Grouchy, thanks! but i think if we look for indrajal fans, there must b thousands! why not give an appeal on our blogs?

Ajay, i try to follow the paths of ICC, CW, etc, so i posted one part at a time. I have borne the paint, too! infact, all have! But if we post all comics so fast, i fear there will be nothing to post after an year or so, so just buying the time! I will post the 2nd part soon. But thanks for the suggestion, I will see to it that next time I will do it.

TPH said...

Thanks Sameer. This is a good story. But I am disappointed to see only 13 pages. What about the rest of the pages? Also you could have compressed it to make file size smaller.

Comic World said...

Nice post Sameer.TPH this comic belongs to that period when TOI was playing total commercially by publishing a comic in 2 parts along with many 'on page' side ads.This comic could be very comfortably published in a single part along with a other story too but TOI was encashing Phantom's publicity by deliberate bifurcating the comic into parts.

TPH said...

Gems ad collection is an excellent and original idea. I highly appreciate it. Enjoyed it.

You have an independent thinker in you. So, please provide more such unexpected stuff. It is always good to have something new and different.

You are doing really great job. Keep it up.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

Gems/// wow.. i used to eat it when i was a kid.. does anybody eat them still?

great comic,, just try to add the missing pages with ur "clicks", so, we will have a full comic

Krishna said...

HI guys
I found this link. Does anyone have these comics?


Unknown said...

Great effort Sameer,keep it up.
Looking forward to the 2nd part.
It was always a pleasure to read ics,in fact i have read this story before.The words that were used were really good for we will see later on in the 2nd part,Luaga says to Phantom.."Where did i go wrong"and Phantom replies.."Dont mix pronouns,you didnt go wrong,he did".This is the last panel of the story.(He=Luaga's nephew)So these are the words that make u really wonder as a viewer to go with all the very good idioms,phrases and all those amazing OLD JUNGLE SAYINGS.
Thanks to these great comics(which i possess now)and also TINKLE(my old favourite and ACK's,my English has really improved,Although TINKLE lays more emphasis on grammar.