Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tintin Comic fans exibits in Pune

All comic lovers, please read the Times of India ( Pune edition) of 5th February 2008. The fans all aroud India have arranged an exibition of paintings and sketches of TINTIN characters and the exibition will be till 9th in Pune. Can we all Indrajal fans do something like this? If not on a large scale, atleast all visitors of the Indrajal Blogs can send me scanned copies of their sketches and paintings, and i will post them here! pl. let me know if u feel this is a good idea! afterall, we have so many heroes!! ICC, MTM, CW, TPH, and all Indrajal bloggers, we all should show aour skills and love towards our Comics, by doing something similar!

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adibud34 said...

That is such a good idea, Sameer! Also, I wish I were in India right now, I would've definitely showed up for the Tintin exhibit!

It'll be fun if people send in their artwork/ideas, and you can display the same in the blog - that'll be so cool!